1. I mean, if she tries to evict you or stops paying your college don’t be shocked.

  2. I mean I’m kinda fearing more for my safety here but okay thanks couldn’t have thought of that myself

  3. Even though I’m not religious, I’ll be praying for you. You’re truly in a terrible situation.

  4. I understand you feel the need to do whatever your mother asks, she's footing the bill. I get that. She doesn't sound easily persuaded but maybe another family member could advocate on your behalf, to your mother? Explain how it's helping with your mental health (or whatever you'd say) and how they agree or feel what you have done is in your best interest.

  5. Do you think that’ll work? I really don’t want to bear the worst of me out only for her to stomp on it again. When I got diagnosed with depression and anxiety the first time, she called crying that it’s so shameful and never mentioned it again.

  6. But yes I’ll try that I don’t think there’s any other way for me. Thank you. I appreciate you bear with this whole heavy mess

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