1. Fun fact: Not all people have internal monologue and some have a lot of voices going on there...

  2. Which song lyrics are currently on repeat for you? Only half sarcasm :)

  3. Google is showing clear leadership in the AI chatbot space, and I recommend everyone start using this immediately. By the way, there is no way these chatbots will ever post self promotional Reddit comments, so no one should waste any time worrying about that.

  4. Thank you for this insightful research, your recent findings and innovation are invaluable to all fellow humans

  5. Here's an 11/16/2011 article from about this incident:

  6. I wonder if they put her in the male cells, or the female cells?


  8. Do you take instant release or extended? Have you tried extended?

  9. I took Mylan instant release in a very low dose (methylphenidate). The pain is on the back of my legs, buttock and lower back (lower back not always). It doesn’t improve by rubbing or massaging. I’d say touching the affected areas makes it worse. It’s a sharp pain, and pain medication doesn’t work well to get rid of it. I have artrosis and bulging discs in my lower back, fluids in some of the bones in my lower back, a permanent swelling on my lower back and I’m very stiff in the lower half of my body. I can’t stretch my knees for instance. What helps is to not walk too much (which is difficult for me), not walk many stairs, to sit on a chair as little as possible and to have a good bed. My take is methylphenidate makes things worse because it increases muscle tension and makes you even stiffer.

  10. that's awful! Yeah I agree with it increasing tension. Extended release and taking with food and plenty of water might help. I think a different med like adderall xr would be worth a try too, but you may have same issues

  11. I read that it could also make it harder to sleep when taken later, maybe try taking in the mornings instead?

  12. I wondered if stuff like this would cause them to grow more due to increased bloodflow

  13. Blood doesn't flow through fat, so how could it? limpoma's are fat, plus she has been weight training for a number of years and that hasn't cause them to grow faster or more frequently.

  14. I meant more blood flow to the general area, from the massaging.

  15. How many licks does it take to get to the center of a lesbian?

  16. No, a penis is your father. Search your feelings, you know it to be true.

  17. Just curious why do you call people entities? Do they prefer to be called entity instead of person or human?

  18. The ergodox is an exellent keyboard, which meets most your requirements. I don't think I could ever go back to a normal keyboard. (I do sometimes on laptops and stuff, but not for long/unless I have to). It might be a bit more than $200, havent looked for custom key caps, but you can get RGB and make your colors as trans or gay as you want :)

  19. At my job we had been asking for remote work for years. We do all our work electronically and we have zero contact with the public but we were told it is not possible because they can’t come up with a way for us to have a secure network connection. Then Covid happened and 75ish percent of employees couldn’t come in because a lot of them have young kids who couldn’t go to school or daycare and suddenly after a month we are all being issued work laptops and an extra monitor for home (we always use two) and wow they even found out how to make sure we are on a secure connection. I saved money on gas. And I didn’t have to wake up until it was time to login so I got more sleep. I could nap on breaks. And I got so much more work done because I didn’t have to listen to my annoying, loud coworker complaining the entire time he is at work. We are in cubicles. And my productivity increased significantly. And then 2 years later they tell us we have to come back. There was a lot of backlash from a lot of us employees. So they decided it would be based on performance. If you are meeting expectations you can work from home 3 days a week and if you meet additional criteria you can work an additional day from home. I only have to go in 6 hours a week. Which is a joke why not just let me fully be remote?

  20. If they let you work from home based on performance, and you're a top performer, I wonder have you tried pushing the limits on coming in once a week? "Oh sorry, can't make, got sick. Oh sorry, car broke down. Oh sorry, have a doctor appointment"

  21. Oh for sure lol. I’ve gone 6 weeks without coming in person lol. My work schedule is real flexible and my boss doesn’t care since I’m not only making my goals but when we had our performance reviews I had the highest rating in the office and in production at one point the highest of all analysts at my same level. This was months ago so I’m not sure if I’m still producing more than others. This week I only worked Thursday and Friday. I often almost always have a reason not to be able to come in Wednesdays which is my office day. Even during the week I usually don’t work on Monday and as long as I work those hours during the week or take leave my boss told me it doesn’t matter to him. My work day is 6am to 2:30pm but he also told me if I need to start late, leave early, take a long lunch etc that’s ok too as long as I either have 40 hours at the end of the week or take leave. It’s one reason why I always make sure to get my work done even when I don’t want too because it has given me a lot of flexibility I know they wouldn’t put up with otherwise.

  22. Haha yes that is awesome! flexible schedules are just something else... don't think I could go back

  23. On top of this I’ve been struggling with my friends not understanding (previous post in this Reddit ) and I cancelled a get together we had planned. My seasonal depression isn’t great and I’ve been crying a lot the past 2 weeks - i thought part of it was just period related but now I’m realizing I’m feeling super lonely- and surprised myself when the thought of un a living myself crossed my mind (i have told my partner - which sucks and i hate to tell them but i know it makes me stronger)

  24. They think you're better off raising a puppy (instead of a kid, I assume?) because trans people exist?

  25. Is lid a top? If so I guess I am a lid. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  26. I keep my peanut butter upside down before opening to keep the oil opposite of the lid so it's easier to stir. That would put the jar on top.

  27. Is anyone else's handwriting super inconsistent? Mine is always bad but if I write like, a whole page, there will be sections where the tilt and size a pressure of my writing is different, as if I wrote it in like 5 parts but I actually wrote it all st once.

  28. I had a ballot returned cause the signature didn't match cause I can't write consistently to save my life and didn't remember what the original looked like. I submitted a new signature that consists of about one letter and a strike like A lol

  29. A forklift pun and a good place refrence for the price of one? What a treat

  30. Personally, I support WPATH standards being used before letting old people transition into RV owners. The world would be a much safer place if they had to go to a therapist and be mentally evaluated before taking up such an alternative lifestyle.

  31. I imagined this comment posted on a straight sub and no one understanding the reference.

  32. Lol when you put it like that it is kind of a silly thing to ask, I was just wondering if I had broke some sort of like, social rule

  33. If by social rule, you mean societal rule, fuck society they don't own you. otherwise it would be between you and your mom to lay out boundries of what you should and shouldn't share.

  34. About that – I've only been doing it this way for a few days and it's still very experimental. I'm kind of trying to see if it's going to work for me long term (I'm really optimistic about it so far) and I may work on expanding the concept to show every day of the week on one page with like rows and columns. I may even work something up that can be printed out. As of right now my list is pretty short and it only takes me a few minutes to copy it all down to the next day and decide which other specific tasks I want to get done that day. It's also kind of helping me keep track of how often I do certain things (because, thanks time blindness! I don't have any idea how frequently I do any chores lol).

  35. Oh nice! I might try something similar in a table, with date in the first column and recurring tasks across the other columns. Then can add a new row each day and keep a historical log, just like you mentioned :)

  36. How do you know this wasn't actually a part of the plan or that it wasn't a calculated risk?

  37. I mostly agree with your assesment, except this bit is really situational

  38. It's not a problem that they they "misread the market". The problem is that the executives who made that mistake and over hired are not the ones paying the price for the mistake. There was an entire chain of people who signed off on "let's add N,000 people to our headcount this year", and the only people likely to get laid off in that chain are the lowest level people who were told "we need your team to do X" and responded with "we'll need Y more people to deliver that on time".

  39. I don't know so much about projection or denial. A lot comes from oversimplification, patriarchy and heteronormativity. There's over simplification in conflating trans women, cross dressers, drag queens and gay men. There's certainly overlap in expressions and resulting oppressions. Many folks see them as the same thing. Patriarchy centers men. It usually defines things in relation to men. So, being a trans woman is about sex with men. Heteronormativity pushes the idea that straight is better. So, transition turning a gay man into a straight woman is good and a straight man into a gay women bad. There are a lot of very deep seated sources for the toxic idea that trans people can't be gay and the above only scratches the surface. Destroying the patriarchy, disassembling cishetronormativity, and educating folks on nuance of GSM is not a quick or easy process.

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