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Hey, developer of Apollo for Reddit here. I'm doing a completely free iPhone 14 Pro giveaway to commemorate Apollo's big iOS 16 update and new iPhone 14 Pro features. Just leave a comment to enter! 🎉📱

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  1. At some point in life you gotta realize that your not gifted in English😂

  2. Stuff going at the bottom kinda reminds me of house of balloons cover art

  3. Hey, thanks :) unfortunately it is not on the App Store, simply because the subscription cost just too much for me, sorry :D I suppose I could transfer it tomorrow to ios pretty easily and send it to you as an application specifically. Tell me if you'd like me to do that, for me it's just installing a few gigabytes of SDKs :D

  4. Yeah man, I tried it today, it didn't happen :( This week I'll be on a trip with little to no internet available, maybe later, but I can't promise anything. If I do somehow pull it off (after the end of January it is unlikely), I'll message all of you, who asked me for it.

  5. I’ve downloaded the app a while ago, but for some reason when I start it up today it works so slow. Like it take 20 seconds for anything I pressed to register properly.

  6. Hmmm might be server overload. Are you on Android?

  7. I would go for it because there is literally nothing to lose and who knows you might go to the same uni and things could turn out differently. You'll never know if you don't try, now go enjoy your youth you young son of a bitch.

  8. It’s only recognizing post-secondary education. A FSWEP requirement for most is that you must already be a full-time post-secondary student. In my experience anyway

  9. If you scroll down and click on eligibility on the FSWEP site it says:

  10. It's asking me to select a program, even though I'm a highschool student. I'm in the Extended French program in my school, but there is no option for that. Do I just put a program that I'd like to do in post-secondary in the future? Or should I just put French, since I already know it although I'm not going to pursue that in the future.

  11. Trixx reminds me of Wallace from The Wire like he wasnt really built for the game its sad

  12. I wouldn't say wallace cuz, Wallace is already born at the top since he was avon's nephew but, more like dukie cuz he just in the game cuz of his circumstances and friends.

  13. zfa says:

    If you still have the certs they'll still work. If not revoke the existing ones and reissue them in the Cloudflare dashboard, easy-peasy. There's no ip address involvement and domain expiring/reappearing should also be moot.

  14. The thing is I did try to do a fresh install and use newly issued certs from cloudflare under the domain. Although somewhere along the way I messed up and my server isn't appearing to work with the domain, I don't know why though. If you could help me through discord chat or the reddit chat feature, it would be much appreciated.

  15. I think you should change it to “Configarr” it just sounds better and makes more sense.

  16. Best advice for test anxiety, I had it during a physics test a week ago, and now I feel like I completely messed up half of it. If I didn't blank during the test, I think I would've got a way better mark.

  17. Ik the camera quality is ass, but this is the best I could find. Also, I know this is rare asf but don't know if there are fakes floating around so I gotta confirm.

  18. Sounds like you probably watch too much anime. Go do something else.

  19. I haven’t watched anime in 3 months, this the first show i watched since

  20. Damn I just noticed it had 23k member, I remember it had like 10k about 3 months ago

  21. You should look into adding DeepL as a translator and maybe remove Bibliogram since it got discontinued

  22. Truck all day and dictate my thoughts straight from the road.

  23. I think for this job it’s be best to get one of those speech to text programs so you could technically be writing while you’re driving.

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