AITA for allowing my parents to see my baby?

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  1. I hate this sort of trickle truthing nonsense. I get the desire to not deal with shitty comments about disability, but it's either relevant enough it should be put out up front - because it went into the decision making behind why the wife didn't allow him into the delivery room, effects how stressed the wife might be due to differences in who is providing care when the infant is upset, etc. - or it's not relevant enough (or you think it'll twist the audience's judgment too much) and thus shouldn't be used as a defense of actions or brought up at all.

  2. Then why was it only now that she was getting a break from holding and feeding the baby? Why don’t you take the baby away as soon as they finish feeding, and let her rest?

  3. That’s kind of a weak response. My brother has Tourette’s and still takes care of his newborn. If you don’t feel comfortable holding him or doing certain things then you need to find alternatives. Be a parent

  4. I do. However, when he is fussy, which he was at the time, there is nothing that can calm him other than being held. I spend as much time as possible with him otherwise.

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