[Official] Erling Haaland joins Manchester City

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  1. Recently me and my wife completely changed our diet up with gousto (like hello fresh) and diet shakes. Means you've not got the decisions and the shakes only take a moment to make. Before that we were exactly the same. I once saw a meme saying married life is just constantly asking each other what you want to eat and it's not far off.

  2. I have actually considered something similar because some of the meals look amazing. It's just quite expensive and we have limited vegan options here in Norway compared to the UK.

  3. The only Scandinavian country I've been to is Denmark, and I definitely struggled finding vegan food there, and heard Norway is similar outside of like Oslo. They definitely arent particularly cheap to be fair, but we eat better than we ever did before so find it well worth it. If it's anything like here though there are always offers available online, so could be worth looking into, and a lot of people share codes to get discounts and vouchers.

  4. Sweden and Iceland (where I'm from) have amazing food, while Denmark and Norway have some catching up to do. I can get everything I need at the supermarket here in Norway but it's rare to find vegan options at restaurants outside Oslo. The UK is definitely on a level of its own, though, as I discovered when I visited Wales last December. I'd go again just for the food.

  5. K1 is the most overstable and durable. K1 soft is more understable than K1. K3 is their medium base plastic and it runs understable.

  6. It's not so much "which disc is best for hitting trees" but rather whether it's durable enough. A lot of my base plastic discs have large dents in them, which is why I tend to stick with base for putting and premium for throwing. My K1 Grym X looks brand new even after crashing into a tree multiple times.

  7. In general,but the kaxe z in particular also. I've got a falk in k1 and soft and I could go either way. They both feel great and fly similar enough if you can get used to the release points. I've got a k1 soft reko that is much beefier then my k1 though..

  8. Sounds like K1 soft is the way to go then. I've never had it before so I may as well try it. Thanks!

  9. Jeg la ut en gitar til 12.500kr som var ca markedspris for den og siden jeg ikke måtte selge den var jeg ikke så gira på å senke prisen mye.

  10. Doesn’t beat Pele’s 50274 goals against the São Paulo’s blind U3s

  11. For my first BIAB style brew, I actually used 2 yards of tulle fabric (it's a mesh) instead of an actual bag. It worked fine, but it was a mess, and I had to throw it out after. I bought a real BIAB bag for the next brew.

  12. Thanks! I might be able to get through 5 gallons eventually but the main reason I wanna do a smaller batch is that I can use the pot I already have and I won't have to buy a crazy amount of bottles. If all goes well, I'll invest in a proper kettle.

  13. Thanks for the tip! I already have a good digital thermometer I can use.

  14. Liverpool might as well be playing at home. The only time I've heard the city fans was during the minute's silence


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