1. Move to Europe permanently & burn your American creditors. It's not like they can garnish your wages.

  2. So you’re saying French culture is pedo friendly? Never taking my kids to France!

  3. What a weird takeaway. The greatest danger to your kids is likely your own sexual neurosis. Seek therapy.

  4. I've never seen a hotel owner's wife fuck up the reservations. Typically they only sabotage the room design.

  5. Seemed more like it was just a really bad attempt to sound both smart and funny, didn't really need me to sabotage it.

  6. Let it not get lost that the French, while very fond of herbs, are just as averse to spices as the English.

  7. I deleted both Facebook and Instagram about six months ago and I don't regret it at all. I do spend more time on Reddit & YouTube as a result.

  8. Flixbus to Biarritz or Bayonne & then take a local bus/train across the border into San Sebastian. If I were a student backpacker this would be my method. It's a pretty fun drive if you give yourself a one night layover in Bordeaux.

  9. Smoke CBD. It's the Heineken Zero of cannabis. I just quit a twenty year habit this year

  10. My brother mentioned that too. I’ll definitely use it, at least at first to help wean off.

  11. It helped me through my withdrawal cravings. During confinement I was smoking five king sized spliffs or more per day. Having a stash of CBD gave me the psychological comfort not to call my dealer again & eventually the sleepy CBD buzz became boring & gross. Smoked king sized cones full of plain tobacco for a few weeks after that, switched to a Juul for another few weeks. No weed since Valentine's Day now, no nicotine since April 1st 💪💪

  12. 35 & 300 here :: good on ya, dude. Did your joints have any trouble running at that higher weight? I've been using the elliptical in the gym because the treadmill feels way higher in wear & tear for the same aerobic exercise...

  13. Ça m'étonne que Paris n'a pas déjà déposé une appellation d'origine contrôlée pour ce titre.

  14. I don't see how this is gaslighting. The original comment did not state a clear preference, just that the poster would prefer Stephanie's restaurant 'even if'. It can be read as a derogatory comment towards Kristen.

  15. She's best friends with TC winner Kristen Kish, and yet between the two of them I would rather eat at Stephanie's restaurant, even if she was serving pierogi & beer on plastic tablecloths.

  16. They do this in France & affordable housing is much more prevalent as a result.

  17. Cops didn't change. Believe it or not, they are held more accountable now than they used to be. If you aren't familiar with Rodney King, I suggest you read up a little about him.

  18. Bro, wait til you hear about Kelly Thomas. It's not as well publicized because he was white, but it's like... way worse than Rodney King or Breonna Taylor. Dude was literally beaten to death by police officers on tape and they got off scott free...

  19. That is indeed a horrible sorry, but it's an absurd statement to say that it was less well publicized because he was white. For every Rodney King or Breonna Taylor there are a thousand victims of racially motivated police violence which do not make the front page.

  20. You've got to make him a part of this process. There's nothing you can do TO him to change his lifestyle. The negative reinforcement like locking the cupboards & taking his allowance away is only going to give him deeper psychological issues.

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