1. Someone explain to me why the selling of shoes needs to be such a complicated affair. People will do anything to make a buck and then tie themselves into knots when none of it makes sense anymore.

  2. 5 years and 10 months, relapsed 5 months ago, started with just 2 to 3 puffs out of every cigarette, 1 to 2 cigarettes a day for a week or two, now sadly I'm almost chainsmoking again

  3. Oh man sorry to hear that. Maybe you can give it another go? The silver lining is that those 6 would have cleaned up your system quite a bit.

  4. Thank you! Yes, that's I'm trying to do rn but sadly currently I'm not making any progress with quitting although I want it and I think about it al the time

  5. I dont know everything but i know this - that quitting cigarettes is a big enough project that you can undertake it only when the rest of your shit is in order. I don't think cigarettes help tackle other stress, because they don't, but you gotta take care of those stressors before you turn towards quitting.

  6. About 8 stocks have 90% of the money, rest I have to just track them easily

  7. With such a large number of stocks, you might want to use our free tool Reckon.Live for portfolio tracking.

  8. The portfolio is working out for you. If you want to tinker around with it, I would say, book profits in companies you don't want to take a keen interest in. Keep only those companies that you care about, for any reason. And keap a large enough allocation in those stocks, so that if they gain, you gain substantially.

  9. Look at risk weighted returns - if a stock has a lot of risk but not commensurate returns, you can get rid of those.

  10. It's a nice tool, gives some nice high level pointers to improve the portfolio

  11. Haven't encountered this level of existential angst on this subreddit before 😅

  12. I only know one, and I absolutely look down on him, because he started a couple months before his wedding and stopped about 6 months after when he was caught.

  13. Would you rather buy the stock of the Indian govt / PSU you will be joining, or that of the African company's?

  14. It's a good start I believe. It's diversified but not too much. Good solid companies. Just make sure to have companies that are interesting to you. Read up on them as go along and decide to double down or exit if your conviction doesn't build.

  15. Unless you want to start from scratch, try using for a portfolio review and see if the recommendations that it gives are of any use to you

  16. (no medical expertise, I am a father of two and the only credibility this answer has is that I quit cigarettes 3 months ago after 5 failed attempts over 20 years of smoking. So, pinch of salt)

  17. This is exactly the kind of stuff that our algo is designed to enable. Try it out!

  18. Oh nice, i liked the website though. Awesome work 💙

  19. Thanks, that means a lot for a product that's still work in progress!

  20. Not yet, ill do it. Site not working dude.

  21. Try out Reckon.Live for our portfolio tracking algo. Come back and let us know if it was useful.

  22. It was an illegitimate child of a single woman, who was finding it difficult to raise him. Still tragical, but not quite as tragic as what you are imaging.

  23. Try Reckon.Live - its a website that analyzes your portfolio the way professional portfolio managers do, and then gives you a bunch of recommendations.

  24. Sorry about that. Till we fix that, you can download the csv from the Kite holdings page and upload that instead

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