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  1. I got the whipless sneaky petes glass mouthpice and it does as little as 0.15 g and as much as 0.35g well!


  3. Yeah im looking for the mod its supposed to be a smaller bowl than the one that came with the device . Thanks ill google Ddave mod kit

  4. Lol @ all the downvotes for op, Ohio is so backward look at all the political mask hate. Bet none of them has felt the fear of thinking you are about to die. They also dont care who they harm long as they get their weed. Nobody even talks about what happens to MS patients that get it, they carry it for many months longer.

  5. If we didn’t have all these cart options I bet u ppl would complain about that too smfh

  6. That's a question that starts some fights around here. Like I've seen on here already, each cultivator has good strains so it's hard to pick the best. My opinion is farkas farms always has very good flower.

  7. Yea ima indica kinda person but grow Ohio don’t excite me seems mid

  8. What I have ordered so far: My package will be here Monday or Tuesday I have not tried CBD at all yet. I got Lazarus CBD full spectrum tincture High potency 6000mg potency per bottle. 120 ml. And funky farms 200mg disposable Vape pen. Later I am thinking about getting the higher dosage for the Vape pen about 350-600mg.

  9. I got off klonopin and ambien due to cannabis after over 7 years . It can be done . Everyone is different but I tapered in a month..probably def would have been way longer without cbd and thc. I mainly use cbd tinctures and flower. With high thc I stick with hybrids and indica. One flower that almost felt similar to a benzo was burkle. Very relaxing . I like to microdose thc as well. I use 2mg thc tarts . Im glad I found this community and now a medical cannabis patient

  10. You will love 1:1s. I find it the best balanced high where I can still do a bunch of tasks

  11. Starry max 3, I usually vape for 10-30 mins a day it takes about 0.2g in the chamber on the low end for price too.

  12. What is it you like the most about this vape? It looks really cool but am wondering about day to day operations and cleaning?

  13. Its easy to clean, it gets me the highest out all of the vapes using less flower and I dont have to worry about charging it. Its a beast through a waterpipe too. Also I can dab and use flower at the same time

  14. Sounds like a clear winner. I ask because I recently purchased the Arizer EQ, and was really digging the way this machine looked.

  15. I was going to get the eq but I don't use bags. I'm sure you will like the ditanium

  16. i toss the high temp AbV, keep the low temp, and sprinkle it in a bowl w cbd cannabis for when i’m trying to go to sleep

  17. Is your glass mouthpiece dirty or is this how dirty they get with normal use? I am considering a solo 2 in the future.

  18. I've had the arizer air for almost 2 years and mine has never looked like that. I think some people get it this way to make stem milk

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