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  1. I had insomnia because of a sleep breathing disorder that caused my breathing to slow down and my brain to freak out in stage 1 sleep.

  2. That’s what’s happening to me. I have caught myself gasping for air. My sleep specialist wants me to do another sleep study because because the at home sleep study might have been wrong. I’ve tried using the cpap but I can’t get used to it. Right now I’m using an elevated pillow. It’s scary. How much was your surgery if you don’t mind me asking

  3. I know it's going to make me angry, not just because of the victims, the secret trial, and all the powerful people involved... but because of the obvious shit being done to shift attention away from the victims, gender the issue for absolutely no valid reason, and make one of the victimizers out to be a victim herself. It's going to make me angry so I don't consume any media or information about it I can avoid.

  4. I use Butterfly Effects 2:1, 440mg CBN tincture and Melatonin with L-Theanine in it for sleep. The combo seems to work out most nights. Like you, I was on Ambien for many years and they became completely ineffective. Just the thought of long term memory problems was enough to make me stop taking them. Cannabis for the win!

  5. Yeah on ambien my mind is not as sharp . I actually noticed that. Is this the tincture you are talking about? I have really bad insomnia from ptsd

  6. CBN I have to race to bed before I tunnel out but the RSO has been extremely helpful and more pleasurable effects wise. Keeps me asleep

  7. Welcome to Germany where as of today if you are not vaccinated literally the only thing you can do is grocery shopping and the pharmacy, I'm not kidding everything is shut out for you if you dont get the jab. And next year they will introduce(or they say they will) an all around mandate for vaccines. Oh also you will need a booster shot 6-9 months after your last shot to keep your precious freedom, oh and yeah still masks indoors everywhere. I'm vaccinated(for now) but this makes my blood boil with anger, disappointment, shame and fearm

  8. I’m vaccinated but this shit makes me angry. I’m in the United States and people from here on Twitter are saying we should follow Germany . Like wtf 😳

  9. I feel like apologizing to every single "conspiracy theorist" that I scoffed at in the past.

  10. I believe the vaccines decrease the risk for you getting in the hospital but I just don’t agree with the lockdowns

  11. That’s how I feel sometimes but yeah if I only read this place just once and leave off of it the rest of the whole day I’m better off. If anyone reads this shit for hours or all day they most likely will become paranoid and depressed

  12. Now I'm suddenly worried for his well-being.

  13. If this is what he's saying, then he's dead right. Get the vaccines, protect as many people as we can, as best we can. But also accept covid is never going away, and we can't let it dominate our lives forever, because there will be more harm than good done. If only European leaders had such sense.

  14. I think both sides are looking at the wrong person. We should be fighting the government not each other

  15. Neither side is innocent, both sides claim to want compromise but neither of them are willing to compromise on anything. The only issue that both sides can agree on is when they're voting to raise their own salaries.

  16. This is going to boil over into a civil war. We are so far gone as a country. Two people of opposite political views can't sit together for more than 5 minutes without it devolving into a fight. It's pathetic

  17. I Just Like Smoking Weed while looking for conspiracy theories lol

  18. I read a post on here about how the record labels signed and promoted rappers who glorify violence/gang activity to help keep prisons full, something to do with the agreements between states and private prisons and their guarantee to keep them at a certain capacity.

  19. I believe this . Some of these rappers are still involved in selling drugs which reminds me of the rapper juice wrld who was on a plane. They found a bunch of drugs on the plane ( most likely drug trafficking) and he swallowed a bunch of drugs on the plane before his arrest to try to eliminate some of it. Actually ended up killing him

  20. The Tory lanez incident 1 or 2 years ago was interesting conspiracy. Not sure what happened exactly but he was calling out his record label on social media. Ended up becoming independent all his masters (I think) somehow. Then a couple months later the incident with meg the stallion happend and he claimed it was a set up

  21. They will just say its all lies because he was wacked out of this mind on drugs. He actually was on drugs and is clean now but maybe he was on drugs to deal with all of the abuse just like a lot of these celebrities that were in Hollywood as kids

  22. It’s a mandate . The mayor made a mask mandate for all businesses in Columbus . I’m sure there are some that are sneaking and not doing it though. A lot of companies at work still check temperatures at the door too so I’m still reminded of covid even though I’m vaccinated . I’m just tired of this pandemic

  23. I imagine some of their wickedest, wildest parties have taken place over the past two years. They are letting us “eat cake” while they live extravagant lives.

  24. Yeah I just had this mental image of the elite wearing masks like that “ squid game” show and one of them saying “ oooo do any of y’all have another 🍸 cocktail? It looks like some of the vaccinated are dying. Dude from Arkansas , male 40 just died from an unexpected heart attack. Did any of you place bets on this ?”

  25. All you can do is go to a cardiologist and get it checked out. It could be nothing. Yeah def don’t mess around with it. That’s wild

  26. Fuck those people . Not all vaccinated think like that . The internet is an echo chamber

  27. It’s insane.. I’m not a fan of Fox or CNN but it’s like CNN stole Fox’s playbook after 9/11… just replace Muslim with unvaccinated…

  28. Yep cnn def has gotten worse over the years . I used to watch it . Fox News and cnn are just there to divide people

  29. Comments on this are why I typically don’t make this argument…

  30. Exactly!!! It’s the same with the democrat and Republican Party. To me it’s all theater. It’s like I’m watching wwe/ wrestling show. It seems all fake

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