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  1. I took every single one of those edibles you mentioned last week and I felt nothing. Not sure if I got a bad batch or what.

  2. The reason this occurs most often is because you are not ingesting the edibles with enough fat. Before I figured that out, I was bummed eating bars of infused chocolate, bags of gummies throughout the day making expensive "high tolerance" jokes. Even with my high tolerance now, I will still feel a 10mg gummy quite a bit if I take it with 2tbsp of almond butter, a handful of nuts, etc.

  3. I've had infused edibles that worked before no problems, and I never took them with anything. Those were taken on almost empty stomachs.

  4. As have I, and some folks remain able to metabolize the THC efficiently enough given what they eat and then they just don’t anymore. Tolerance, including chronic downregulation of cannabinoid receptors after a brief honeymoon period of being able to saturate all of your abundant native ones I’m sure plays a big role as do you particular mix of liver enzymes.

  5. Light funky socks smell but not in a bad way. Aroma is mostly dank earth. From the one hitter, the taste was funky- maybe garlicky but definitely with some spiciness. Pretty smooth smoke. Nice myrcene content which is helpful to chillax before bed. Nice slowing effect on the body and mind, a nice sit-down-and-pet-your-cat for awhile type of stone. Funky maybe garlic kinda spicy smoke

  6. I am one of the investigators who is still running two trials for alopecia for Eli Lilly using baricitinib (the drug approved) which contributed to this drug application. We recently had an FDA audit in preparation for this approval just to be sure our site (big enroller) was documenting everything correctly so no adverse events go unnoticed, efficacy is proven, etc. Just about everyone in the trials has had excellent regrowth, and a few people have gone from near complete regrowth to near-complete baldness as well in a matter of days which is unusual. Remission can be a fickle beast. Those folks had been on the drug for over 6 months.

  7. I didn’t find any info on how it performs for people with Alopecia Universalis. Do you have any insight in that?

  8. We only had one person with universalis which occurred shortly after starting the trial. He was likely on placebo for the first couple months but had active disease to the point where he ended up losing the remainder of his scalp and body hair and never grew anything back after about 6 months on active drug after that.

  9. Gonna have to call the doc he used then.. they will know

  10. I don't understand what you are saying.. All he has to do is ask the mmj doctor that he used what the email is that he registered with..

  11. I'm saying contact the company you got your card through using their official number. Don't use the number listed when you hover over the recommending physician in the OHMMR as that is usually contact info specific to that physician.

  12. THC isn't the only thing that makes bud good. I've had strains at 18% hit me harder and give me more relief than 35% strains. The key is good terpenes.

  13. I disagree per the terpene label and my own experiences with this batch. Please justify your claim.

  14. The label on the website doesn’t mean much when batches vary significantly. The website labels are generalizations which are often incorrect. For this batch at least, the website general label is not accurate. Labels of sativa, indica, etc without terpenes to back them up mean absolutely nothing at all.

  15. Basically 100% of RSO in Cleveland's medical dispensaries is indica unless they specifically use sativa strains or add sativa-leaning terpenes in separately. I've never seen a sativa-specific RSO in Cleveland. It is all "indica" which here means sedating/stoning.

  16. Many times morning nausea is due to overnight reflux (don’t have anything in stomach during sleep) or conversely due to an empty stomach and morning low blood sugar (so eat in AM first thing). Don’t take any meds without food in AM. You may need to pick up some over the counter meclizine to combat this nausea until it subsides hopefully in a few days.

  17. completely serious- Chizle is the one company we know for sure remediates their shit weed. They put it through a process to basically make it passable enough (it would otherwise fail due to microbial content) to sell to us patients for medical use which is unacceptable. They have never had flower of the correct humidity in my experience and none of the reviews from people here who have purchased more than a couple products and know better have ever said anything positive about Chizle.

  18. One thing I wish I had time to do at the Ohio Marijuana Expo in Columbus last Sat was ask Riviera Creek why they're so expensive, ask Superflux why on earth they charge $80 for 586mg of their various sauces while on the same menus as Klutch at $55 for better products, and make some sort of snide comment about remediation at the Chizle booth.


  20. The terpinoline really sets this off! Super tasty, wonderful (but very strong) daytime choice for me.

  21. They are not labeled, Grow Ohio (Butterfly Effect, White Label) doesn't label them unfortunately. If I had to take a guess, moderate amounts of limonene and myrcene but nothing to write home about.

  22. This topical will be used for my sister’s lumbar spondylolisthesis, herniated disc, sciatica to take the edge off. Not looking for any medical advice- just anecdotes and thanks!

  23. Probably the low terpene content and being labeled a “terp creme” like quit making up labels guys 🤣

  24. Review: The packaging was really neat and organized. They provide a very nice dab tool with their company logo on it. The container the concentrate was in was also awesome. When I first opened the container I was hit with sweet but gassy aromas of Lemon Cookie terpenes. The Three main terpenes on this particular strain/concentrate is d-limonene 1.22%, b-myrcene .95%, c-Nerolidol .47%. There is a total of 14 terpenes in this concentrate which connected directly to the aroma I was getting. Color and consistency of the terp sugar was on par. This kind of reminded me of buckeye reliefs straight sauce live resin. Overall lighthouse sciences did an amazing job with this particular strain. 5/5 keep up the good work guys!

  25. This is not crazy terpenes. They just reported levels at which most others would not report. Other companies just put top three terpenes. In reality, there are hundreds of terpenes and likely at least a couple dozen in this product for example, just at very low levels. 1.22% limonene is not great at all.

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