1. As a beginner, which supply should I pull from? The starter supply or the dorm supply?

  2. dear redditor, I have no idea what yoga position I have to be in to make my legs shaped like a W

  3. It's W shape but looks like M from the back

  4. I... Don't know what you mean. You mean like criss cross apple sauce or like, horrifically broken flamingo legs

  5. The thighs in the middle while the remaining legs are at the side. I've seen my mum doing it and when I tried it I almost busted open my knee

  6. This only applies to older men who are in their late 60's

  7. I know I'm gonna get roasted by this but it's Steph for me

  8. Change your focus. I don't want to rain on your parade, but chances for you playing professionally are extremely low....extremely.

  9. Part of it are also due to our parents and ancestors because they all wear glasses as well

  10. Yesterday I took the LRT, carrying a bag on my back and holding another bag with my hands. The ride is going to be 40 minutes as I have to go through 20 stations. There is going to be a vacant seat, but then a guy around his 20s just sit horizontally, putting his legs on the seat and occupying 4 spaces. So I just chose to stand, giving him glares.

  11. I knew she was into me and she was on the verge of a panic attack, i didn't know shit about comforting people so i told her i have something to tell her and in the moment quickly kissed her

  12. This sh*t is like straight out of a kdrama lmao, but congrats!

  13. Fucking TikTok at it again...what has our generation come to?

  14. Shes balanced.when.used averagely, but op.when.used properly

  15. Imagine going on a date and then your partner starts to gobble things in a matter of seconds

  16. That's what happens when you let the internet make the decisions for you

  17. It's been a long time since I last encounter a Benedetta pro

  18. I would say LoL is more complex than mlbb mechanics wise, but mlbb takes the W when it comes to graphics no offense

  19. I'm a pretentious hipster apparently ;-;

  20. 2022 and racism in Malaysia is still alive. *Sigh

  21. Old Martis is back baby, and I can guarantee you everybody is gonna ban this mf

  22. Telling them that you want some privacy, they'll hit you with a "you're still a kid, why do you want privacy?" Statement. Just live with it, you'll get used to it slowly but surely like I am right now

  23. "why do you want privacy unless you have something to hide"

  24. Man, having a dick to masturbate makes everything harder because the side effects of masturbating can be really depressing to deal with

  25. Just be yourself, majority of us Chinese don't really mind

  26. As long as it's free, I'll take it. Even if it's for my 19% wr badang :)

  27. For me it's MPL ID rrq hoshi vs onic eSports, quite the game

  28. Man it's been a journey, two bene mains battle it out, nana and bene cult. Jesus the nostalgia

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