1. I still don't understand why people keep comparing a sandbox survival game where you place mf blocks to a battle royale shooter. Its like comparing strawberries and avocados, that's just two whole ass different things

  2. The only part of this comment I particularly dislike is the fact that avocados, and strawberries are both fruits, so the comparison does make sense

  3. Fishing in Stardew Valley is like one of those old seeing eye pictures... the ones that look like a Jackson Pollock painting, but if you cross your eyes, eventually some 3-D image magically appears. After that, you can see images in all the pictures.

  4. This is a really fuckin accurate comparison

  5. I just saw a TrueOffMyChest post on someone dovorcing their wife after the toy thing and the beige aesthethic on their home and baby (the wife has like 400k followers on instagram

  6. I've read this post and it kinda inspired me to do this starterpack!

  7. I actually did this starterpack after I read the thread! I could relate so much because I know a lot of people who are like that. It really is a sad story though.

  8. Whatever your contract says about this matter, it's bullshit. You are always allowed to talk about your salary, no matter what job you do.

  9. Ich hoffe deine Inbox quillt nicht schon über vor lauter Anfragen lol.

  10. Geht eigentlich, selbst wenn wär's ganz nett, sind bestimmt nur Leute die übers Zocken reden wollen, weil die eigene Freundin kein Interesse daran zeigt :D

  11. This is true however, as a white male married to a black woman, I can tell you that that is what I’m attracted to. I mostly likely wouldn’t have ever even spoke to her if she wasn’t black. Maybe it’s shallow, but just my preference.

  12. my bro is getting downvoted for having a preference

  13. Damn you got downvoted for acknowledging 😅🙃

  14. lmao this is hilarious. Stop making assumptions about a woman you don't know, also stop throwing around words like "always" and "never". How tf would you even know, last time I checked you weren't god so I doubt you're truly omniscient.

  15. He we responded to you post in a video check is out!!-d&b

  16. What!! You guys are so incredibly nice!! I can't believe you made a whole ass video on this topic, I feel very honoured! Thanks so much for your advice and your honest opinions, I really appreciate it a lot <3

  17. So, let's say you actually truly have DID and you're in an actual relationship with an alter of yours... How would sex work?

  18. Dang, and I've always thought it was called internal narration. Now that I know it's a mental disorder, I should definitely start labelling myself and make tiktoks about it!

  19. Männer in Strumpfhosen, die mit Elben und Zauberern durch die Gegend laufen und sich um einen Ring streiten? Irgendwie gay…

  20. I know Linus loves his tent, but I wish we had the ability to upgrade it.

  21. Ok so you literally don't owe your parents anything.

  22. If she was really hot why the FUCK would she be wearing long sweatpants this makes absolutely no sense to me

  23. "If you fuck a child you will be punished for 24hrs and killed afterwards, but if you first buy the child before you fuck it you're good"

  24. This is literally pedophilia. It's illegal and disgusting. Tell your/their parents immediately.

  25. ASA, was seid ihr nur für eine weirde Bande.

  26. I still remember when I played Skyrim for the first time, I was 18 and had just moved into my own place. I had nothing but a shitty laptop that could barely run the game but I absolutely loved it.

  27. Nein. Diese Maimais bringen mich jeden Tag wieder zum lachen.

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