1. I mean the actor who plays that character was convicted as an abuser regardless of any tie verdict today! What a fun Disney tie in! It's just like the movie

  2. I have 250 and want to buy 300 more. I know someone with three decent sized contracts.

  3. Second worst is just behind the Wynn employee garage

  4. Why is this screen not discrete from the front? Why can’t passengers watch Netflix on the move through Bluetooth headphones?

  5. Saw her Instagram Story about getting botox and fillers again and it's getting noticeable. Looks like she can't move her forehead.

  6. Imagine closing your brand new, flagship lounge at 2pm

  7. wouldn’t raising the annual fee make more sense?

  8. Here you go. It’s not cheap but not the worst relative value. Decent building, partial water/bridge view, 5 minute walk to the ferry, all for a price you could pay to live in some generic outer suburb.

  9. Incredibly affordable with a genuine world class view. Stunner.

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