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  1. Rookie mistake for sure, eating my shoe. So do I have to wait to be denied or can I submit another form 1 since I apparently hate money? I have not submitted prints…guess that could speed up my deny

  2. Seismic activity increased after CERN kicked up? Doubt it’s related, just a coincidence.

  3. RTK9 says:

    I still don't know why they cast him as Nathan drake

  4. He could also play Drake for the next 20 years if enough fans want more movies. Idk, alternate take

  5. That used to be my cartoon jam before school back in the day

  6. "rare video" makes this sound like it's from a military exercise 20ys ago. Let's see...

  7. 20 years ago the flavor was Saddam’s mobile weapons labs

  8. Do we need to waste money and kill fish just to prove we are better at wasting money and killing fish?

  9. The explosion came out the other side…along with Saudi passports.

  10. Holy fuck you’re fucking dumb as fuck lmao. Jesus christ read the thread and understand what the fuck i was doing with the other guy.

  11. I’m a restaurant owner. Tell me how your order saves me on assembly? Aside from “trust me bro”. Quantify it.

  12. Im not arguing that you absolute fucking donkey

  13. Yeah because I took the burden of labor away from you by assembling it myself. You sold the ingredients. I bought it and made it myself. What are you not wrapping your head around here?

  14. RVA area here. Not much hunting time in the woods from me unfortunately. I have a bow, need more practice before I’ll send it toward a deer though. I do plan to get out during muzzle/rifle this year and am going to suck it up in public lands (state forests perhaps). I don’t expect much success this year aside from the opportunity to learn on my outings. So if you’re in the area and want to go scout sometime I’m down for a hike. I won’t pretend I’ll help you find your deer in season, but I’ll help cut and carry! I’m down to try for birds too.

  15. Smashing my hand through an early 20th century window (it was that old, I’m not that old) attempting to get my friends attention outside. He was about to hit the lunch line, on chicken nugget day and I knew they’d run out before I got there. I swift open-palmed swap and next thing I know someone is disconnecting the muscle and tendon at my thumb to dig glass out of my hand. Good times y’all.

  16. My buddy got this swimming in his pond behind his house some 15-20 years ago. It was horrible, brain swelling. They had to drill to relieve pressure and somehow he pulled through and is living a very normal life. He spent weeks in the hospital with such a low chance of survival the doctors were even hesitant to mark any changes as progress.

  17. When he isn’t into his whiskey and politics I bet your dad is funny as hell

  18. We thought this same thing around the same time. We were wrong. Even looked like a tiny “whitehead” was emerging in her gums. It was not. BUT if yours is poppin teeth you could try a pacifier that you load ice into. My wife freezes breast milk in a silicone mold (smaller heart/kiss size) and loads it up when the baby ain’t having it. The pacifier is two piece, the nipple has tiny holes like a shower head which allows the melting product to be consumed. It’s gotten us through many a fit.

  19. What was the “whitehead” on your baby’s gums? Our 12 week has one (been there for a couple weeks) and we thought it was a tooth.

  20. I personally think it was a tooth that ended up shifting back away from the gum line. There’s an animation out there that portrays how all the teeth shift in an infant. Its sort of x-ray view. It’s mind blowing, and kind of unsettling tbh. But after seeing it I believe my girl had an upper canine that came close but had yet to pop and the hard protrusion (if it could even be called that) went away after some time.

  21. Can’t help but think of Parks and Rec when reading this.

  22. “I believe what you heard was ‘give me a lot of bacon and eggs,’ but what I meant was... give me... all... the bacon and eggs you have.”

  23. That is my second most referenced line, following (naturally) “this is the food that my food eats”. Ron Swanson is hands down the greatest character from television.

  24. If only there was some way you could crop an image taken on someone else's phone that hadn't been cropped, but I guess not.

  25. Same thing with Ketanji Brown Jackson, as far as i'm concerned. One of the most qualified to get sworn in, and yet she will be remembered as "the first black woman to...".

  26. When that’s how she was presented, that’s how she will be remembered. Those who participate in identity-politics can’t get upset when they’re only remembered for their “intersectionalities”. They cast themselves against a huge obstacle when if focused purely on merit they can create their legacy on merit.

  27. Google Translate. It’s faster than a book. You speak into it and it’ll spit out in the opposite language both text and audio.

  28. I honestly don’t know the last movie I watched. Probably a documentary.

  29. Our situation is an affect of American apathy. The biggest voter base are those eligible who do not cast a vote. The grand system is created to fool the populous into supporting a two-party system. If that trend isn’t bucked there’s truly no way back. Corporate interest and personal greed are placed before the foundation of the position: public service.

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