1. That's like . . . 4 packs of Magic The Gathering: 30th Anniversary Edition!

  2. As much as I love Alberta they can fuck off. We’re the center of the universe and we chose the worst premier humanly possible.

  3. Ontario didn't choose him. They chose "Not Wynn".

  4. He would've been able to stop the Scarborough LRT mid project . . .. Oh wait.

  5. It's sad how fast downhill no frills went. Two years ago they were my favourite hands down. Now I avoid the place.

  6. Thank you to everyone who attended last night! Great to meet you all!

  7. Thank you! It was nice to meet you.

  8. Play the full album "...And Justice for All" by Metallica

  9. Don't make us tear down more 150 year old trees

  10. As long as that money isn't just flowing into the pockets of executives. No bonuses and no one making over 10x that of the lowest paid employee.

  11. This is so stupid. Good executives cost good money. Oversight is a good idea, but deterring good executives from taking the rolls related to this project seems like a recipe for further disaster.

  12. I didn't say no bonuses, but when Mayo Schmidt got a $1.7-million raise, lifting his total compensation for 2017 to $6.2 million at the former Crown corporation; Hydro One. It seems pretty obscene.

  13. There's a few obscure albums I want that only seem to ship out of Japan.

  14. I agree re: the relative carbon savings. Nevertheless, we should not be fine with this. Metrolinx signed "an agreement with the City of Toronto to wait for an independent review of plans for Osgoode station," as the article states. Based on precedent, those adjudicators will agree with you and authorize tree removal. Metrolinx knows it too. Metrolinx is simply breaking the rules now because those rules are inconvenient and because, here in Ontario, both crown agencies and private developers can do whatever the want without any accountablity.

  15. Exactly. This is a large company with no oversight doing whatever the fuck it wants. You know all the new 'replanted' trees will end up dying if they even plant them; because why bother when it'll come out of the exec's bonus.

  16. Metrolinx has an agreement with the province that they will replant an equal number of trees as they uproot. Pretty sneaky of CityNews to leave this part out. This is a nothing story trying to whip up fury against our growing infrastructure.

  17. They plant some trees, don't maintain them and they die. OR If we are lucky; the new trees are large enough to provide the same cover as the current trees in 50 years time

  18. I play 3 Blacksmith Skill and 2 Giver of Runes. I also play the 4th Blacksmith in the SB. It's always useful and extremely versatile. It can save any permanent, deal an extra 2 damage; it can even save a Construct token from [[Dress Down]]. I used it this week to keep a creature alive while it blocked lethal damage and crack back to win. The downside is you need to hold up the mana to use it.

  19. Glad to see some mention of the disaster that is Castle Frank Station.

  20. I've seen a lot of videos in my time and this is one of them.

  21. At Fresco I got 6x750 for $2.98

  22. Damn the previous Mayor for leaving this mess for newly elected John Tory!

  23. Same price in Canada. We will see if my 'local pickup' works. It usually does not

  24. UPDATE Its ready for pickup

  25. I wonder what the Ruin's of Castle Frank looked like. I wonder how the beer from Severn's Brewery tasted.

  26. Castle Frank looked like

  27. I would hope he properly recorded and escalated some of these issues, if he were to just drive the bus with bald tires and something happens it's his ass not the supervisor who was upset about it.

  28. "Keep your back straight and lift with your legs, it helps if the girl is co-operating in the lift"

  29. "Kelvin Lavon Brown was arrested in May on a charge of intentionally leaving a child unattended in a vehicle."

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