1. Pretty sure he hits further than Rick on average

  2. pretty sure all the good good guys hit it farther than shiels

  3. It’s crazy cause I’ve seen comments on here suggesting that Harden is the best fantasy player maybe after Jokic! I couldn’t believe my eyes lol

  4. i dont think he'll be the best but i can see him around ~5th? He was around 10th last year shooting the worst in his whole career. If hes able to bump that to even avg fg% than i can see him near the middle 4th-8th

  5. wow harden and KD at 12/13? those 2 are clear top 5 players lol

  6. I feel like Embiid is going to be the 1st option every night he’s available. Harden is going to be deferring to Embiid and occasionally Maxey, especially during the regular season. I can see why you’d pick him but imo you take Embiid before Harden.

  7. i think embiid and harden will get whatever they want and maxey gets the leftovers. the offense still runs through the 2 of them. but i would take embiid as well before hrden

  8. How does one change it in Yahoo because it tells me the draft order will be released 30 min prior to the live draft. How can I release it earlier?

  9. One of the tabs allows you to change it to live draft instead of a offline draft. After go to assign players..... and you can randomize it before the draft

  10. Yup. Games played in the playoffs have determined more winners than finishing rank in my league, and if I had a choice between two games of Cade vs four games of Bane, for example, I’m going Bane.

  11. You should only be considering between Harden, KD, and Embiid. Even if u want durability I’d rather have Tatum over Hali

  12. i have the 4th pick and I never once considered anyone besides KD, Embiid or Harden outside the other top 3 lol

  13. But moat people don't play for a professional basketball team that loves to milk injuries.

  14. i agree, i got downvoted a couple years ago saying i wouldnt draft SGA since he'll 90% sit during your playoffs. ANY TYPE of injury and he'll be out for 2 weeks.....

  15. There’s a draft order somewhere in comm settings. Play around with it and you’ll find it. Use desktop for better viewing.

  16. Im in the edit draft order/keeper player tabs where i think i can change the draft order. But i dont see any options to manually randomize it (not using yahoos draft order 30min before the draft) or do i need to find an external link to do it and then manually input it?

  17. It should have 2 options, either 30 mins before draft or you can randomise order now

  18. do you know which tab its under? I'm on edit draft order and keeper players but its not there

  19. Dominated the league last year with giannis/gobert 1 and 2. Ended up losing in the semis, but overall was a very fun punt 3s/ft build.

  20. i had the same 1+2 punch and was first for the whole year. Lost due to players sitting in the playoffs but being able to dominate fg/blocks/rbds/points was always fun

  21. He's not the same player he was in 2017, but he's only 32. I don't think 8+ assists is unrealistic for a guy averaging 9 ASSTS for his career. Yes, he's inefficient but he's always been. I think 1.5 steals is also attainable. It's optimistic for sure, but I think attainable based on where he landed. Don't know if he'll make it through the season, so no expectations there.

  22. he avged 9 assist on a wizards team where he was the man on the team. Now arguably theres 3-4 players ahead of him for scoring/touches.

  23. if you take away last year for dame due to injury, hes virtually a top 10 player every year while Lavine is closer to 25-40 range.

  24. Do you need them to pay for your rent/mortgage as well? In a way its similar to what you're asking....

  25. Fair. I don’t think either are contending. But KAT, D Lo and Gobert are all vets that have the ball a lot or in Gobert’s case, run the defense. I did not enjoy the D Lo experience when he was a Warrior but he was surprisingly steady for them last year.

  26. i wouldnt call Dlo and Kat vets in any circumstance. Gobert really is the only one with vet experience

  27. Till he has to make a hook shot over a 6’3 player

  28. 5 unprotected first round picks… you all should be celebrating so hard right now

  29. the swaps will probably be nothing since utah is gonna have high draft positions as the cavs will probably be in the late teens/early 20s

  30. Yes that is a possibility, or those picks could be valuable. Or potentially even the #1 pick in a draft. It’s a calculated risk but one with huge down side potential

  31. Sexton is but he would have been 6th man and it didn't seem like the cavs wanted him for the price he wanted

  32. I’d argue that KD’s age and injury last year will make him slide in a lot of drafts

  33. I think f2p should go for the 60 level, not the 120.

  34. I'd rather save for the bigger events coming up in the next couple months

  35. Yea and get tailgated then sped past in the other lane

  36. Go to basketball monster website and look at last years player rankings. You can see the ranking per game or the total value added over the season. That can give you an idea of who is good. Remember that good in real life isn’t always good in fantasy. You just want guys who put up numbers. Try to think about who has the opportunity to play big minutes for their team. Young players usually have the best chance to make a jump from last season. Don’t trust yahoo draft rankings. You can also think about purposely losing certain categories to be stronger in others. Like if you punt free throws you can use lots of big guys and dominate rebounds, blocks, and fg%.

  37. I would add, stay away from players who you know will get injured/sit a lot unless you're getting them deeper in the draft (Kyrie, Kawhi, AD, etc)

  38. I could deal with expensive. It’s the competitiveness that keeping us from going. I don’t want to spend the entire trip on my phone constantly trying to coordinate for a large group (by “large” I mean 5) of people. I don’t want to wake up at 3 in morning 6 MONTHS before my trip to make dinner reservations. I don’t want to choose which park I’m visiting on which day 3 MONTHS in advance. I would worry too much if we spent ALL that money on the trip and missed ALL the new attractions (ROR, Ratatouille, FOP, GOG) because we couldn’t get into their virtual queues. I was at Disneyland for 3 days just before the shutdown and my phone would crash right at opening (yes I reset and refreshed) every day trying to get a spot in the ROR queue (went to Guest Relations and begged them for a spot since I was a solo traveler). There’s just too much work involved in going to WDW, too much planning. Yes I know it IS possible to go without making plans and I did that ONCE with my family. They laughed at me for wanting to make FP reservations (hell they didn’t even let me buy the tickets) in advance then spent the day disappointed all the fast passes were gone once we got there. I might not mind taking a solo trip but I’m not dealing with a group anymore.

  39. thats why a lot of people are flocking to universal now. Less planning, less stress of where you have to go every hour of your trip

  40. It’s crazy how much people are sleeping on Dame. I think he has a huge year as well. This is the only season he’s missed significant time

  41. do you think if they arent in the playoff mix would they just tank? Meaning Dame would play 1-2 games/week for the last 2-3 weeks + playoffs.

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