1. CIP not great value anymore because of high spend, but CIU and CIC aren't bad if you have large purchases looming.

  2. The governor had a press conference earlier and there was a lot of resources and checklists they were providing information about including access to immediate cash their insurance guy or whoever he was also gave a phone number to call for assistance from the state. I would start with referencing that.

  3. Do those insurance companies that are insurance for your insurance company also have insurance?

  4. Wow it's almost like having a non-offensive personality is the secret to being likeable

  5. Never got tired of Halo back when servers were full. It's only a pain when you have to wait for games

  6. Hoodies. I only buy hoodies from artists I listen to or shows I watch so on average each runs me about 40-80

  7. Most every culture depicts Jesus as whatever race they are. I don't really think it matters.

  8. Apparently it does though, I've seen so many arguments where apparently it's only bad when white, european descendants depict Jesus as anything other than arab.

  9. Shhh you can't contradict the reddit hivemind strawman! It completely wrecks all christians!

  10. Yes, but when you point that out people either couldn't care less, or perform mental gymnastics to explain why they actually meant "could care less"

  11. 14) you can combine to get (x2 +x) - (a2 + a), and then can further pull out an x and an a from each parentheses set.

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