I made cornifer animation, this is said animation :

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  1. Why don't you post every crossover you make to both appropriate subs?

  2. my brain does the big dumdum is the reason

  3. the entire world steals everything nowadays. No one is policing anything anymore...ethics are out the window, and every man for himself in 2022....depressing...yep! Capitalism's end game what fun!

  4. here's the gallery post for giratina :D

  5. The art is great! Very beautiful and really captures the same style of Hollow Knight well.

  6. Check the old posts my man, we've got a few bug types down there

  7. nah it's good ol Shellos and Gastrodon :D

  8. I think it's a west sea gastrodon, it has the same little head nubs

  9. nah it's an orbeetle from the funny pocket monster game

  10. Is that a fucken Hallownest Orbeetle? Stealing that for my friends in the Pokémon Tabletop server!

  11. Very cool! Any chance of a Morpho Knight version in the future?

  12. yea actually, I'll porbably come back to this crossover from time to time

  13. anyone knows where the person that requested this went ? can't find them for the life of me

  14. That was me! On the post where you made the Hoenn Regis. And I love Milcery and Alcremie a lot, they look amazing. Great work as always and maybe next you could make the Blipbug line.

  15. I love all of these Hollow-mon!! Is there any chance you've done the Eevees yet?

  16. thanks <3 I sadly did not yet, but now they're in the list and gonna wait in line 👍

  17. Once more, your art never ceases to amaze, and even when it may seem like there is little else to draw inspiration from, you always end up finding something more, making some of the most far-fetched connections, beyond what anyone would reasonably expect. In fact, there is something that I would want to see done, as only you can, although it is not quite similar enough to this piece to mention directly. It is of similar nature, though.

  18. What's the other 3 things that isn't meloetta?

  19. yea I'd say she is, she do got some fancy shmoves ngl

  20. thanks, I use krita, a Deco Pro medium XP-Pen, and way too much time 👍

  21. The real question is "how could anyone not like it ?"

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