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  1. The total value of all assets held by institutions that are short GME is by far not enough to pay out apes. What I'm after are their assets, and their lenders' assets, and their insurers' assets, and the dtcc's assets, and the Fed's assets. Give me everything.

  2. This is unnecessarily complicated and overengineered.

  3. If Gamestop bought blockbuster what exactly would they be buying?

  4. Branding, brand recognition, instant marketing platform.

  5. Republicans need to get blocks of voters to vote against their interests.

  6. Germans will hear this and say swiss deserve cruel fate for butchering up beautiful german language in ways only swiss speakers can.

  7. Eventually the glorious Swiss language will drift far enough from German to be its own language!

  8. Can you comment on 40 Million in volume after 1 hour of trading? Seems high.

  9. Price was suppressed to 23.50 immediately and endured past 25 million in volume but the price is up to 24.60 after 30 million in volume.

  10. This is fun. Is Cohen doubling down again? Is China covering his shorts? Is UBS starting to cover/close their ass? Is there a share buy back? Is there a share purchase/ exchange for merger? LOL - man, the new bag holder has huge bags

  11. The crotch zipper is straining to hold.

  12. Price is pegged under $24 after 28 million in volume.

  13. 20 million in volume after 20 minutes of trading. They're trying to keep the price down but how long can they last?

  14. My daughter is 9 and seems to love her stuff. Maybe it is designed to appeal to a different audience?

  15. The average American politician who advertises their "Faith" seems to act as if the God of the Bible (as demonstrated by the incarnation of the God Jesus Christ) is a gun lover who fears brown people, gays (but not adulterers), and communists.

  16. Politics started going sideways when the Republican Party hired an actor (Regan) to make a bunch of changes and look good while doing it.

  17. Second one looks more realistic but it also looks more like a dirty wet hole.

  18. Everything takes a long time the first time you use CS.

  19. It's true. I never paid much attention to any of this and most people don't know what the federal reserve is even for.

  20. I just posted an idea in my own subreddit it keeps getting deleted from superstonk. The subreddit is my name

  21. Price is super low right now of course nobody's selling

  22. No - we have concrete evidence that centralized currency is bad, and has been the cause of countless civilizations crumbling. Decentralization of the modern world is the end goal.

  23. I tried to respond but auto bot deleted the comment because I linked to a comment I made in a subreddit I created.

  24. I agree with all that. The system is shit.

  25. Oh shit if 2008 happens while we claim everything is golden (AGAIN) then no one will ever take us seriously again!

  26. This post attempts to provide a political solution to the problems this subreddit is focused on solving.

  27. This was 11 years ago and NOTHING changed, it even got worse! It's fucking infuriating!!!

  28. Hey man, I watched all the video about clean apartments and left befuddled.

  29. Yeah I messed up. Deleted that one and replaced it.

  30. Just wondering if you made the move and your thoughts.

  31. We put the move on hold due to various factors.

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