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  1. Not even Japanese high school life is like anime high school life, let alone whatever country you're from.

  2. That's what the new one is. Slice of life high school idol harem.

  3. Most current ones are based off light novels, and never are able to keep a decent enough pace to finish.

  4. A few months ago? That was a year and a half ago.

  5. Per the terms of service, no. In actual practice, yes, but likely not simultaneously.

  6. I have a few pet spiders. They’re set up in various corners out of the way and I feed them flies I capture.

  7. Didn't you ever watch the Price is Right? You're supposed to spay/neuter them

  8. I read the the novel series recently and enjoyed it, although the later volumes weren't as good as what was covered in the anime.

  9. I watch at max 2 Showa shows and 3 Reiwa shows at a time

  10. If you visit a craft fair you can probably find it printed on a dozen objects

  11. From the announcement people were saying season 2 was going to suck because of the source material. Garbage in, garbage out.

  12. Check with your theater. We don't know their policy on girls.

  13. Why does Kazuya seem extra gross this chapter? I can’t imagine anyone with his personality having girls be into him let alone have actual friends who aren’t repulsed by him.

  14. At least he admits it at the top of page 3

  15. No, that's why all of those characters are disliked, receive no fan art or merchandise, and in fact do not actually exist at all.

  16. Hmm that wouldn’t be hard mode according to what I’m looking for cause they already like each other, all they need to do is confess, and there’s zero things getting in the way except their stubbornness.

  17. It's much easier to have a setting where the MC has mentors, peers, etc. when it's part of a big organization. And at a certain size, it's hard to write a big organization that's not legally-organized (other than evil ones).

  18. I wouldn't equate working for a guild to working for the government.

  19. Depending on the series, it can be like a government contractor

  20. But as i see why he has to delete the videos? The videos weren't deleted as i saw last month back then. Other channels just went through without a problem as i see recently. If only you have another platform like odysee, this content ID crisis shouldn't be a problem. Will geoblock help this problem? That is a difficult question to ask even for the other channels. I feel very hard to adapt with no music or a different music altogether. It's saddening that i can't hear the game themes from SRW30.

  21. Listen to them in game? Well they will be much lesser popularity compare to that right now. Because music is great from srw and it's very catchy for some of them. If only they can upload to another platform instead of youtube, i'll be relaxed by now.

  22. Super Mario RPG is in split-ownership hell IIRC.

  23. It's nowhere near the impossibility it was in the N64/early GCN days. Especially since it had a VC release, and Spirits in SSB.

  24. The whole point is not moot I was talking about specifically Persona 5

  25. It's not quite "bizarre" if you need to jump through hoops to justify it

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