1. My man tims1344 or whatever his user name is should get strong considerations as a mod

  2. I appreciate it! But I'll leave "modding" to the kids haha.

  3. You know, if you told me before the season that the Super Bowl would feature a teal with a former national championship winning Alabama quarterback, throwing to his former college teammate and a pro bowl WR they traded for this past off-season….I probably would have gotten pretty excited lol

  4. Getting Fangio seems like a great move. Getting Tyreek was a great move. Getting McDaniel's offense in here seems like a great move.

  5. Imo it's MLB>G>CB>TE in terms of what this team really NEEDS. TE is a luxury piece because there's only so many TEs in the league that are great which imo is Kettle Andrews and Kelce. If we can't get one on that caliber I'd rather ride with Smythe, Long, and ig Tanner and maybe a 5-7 round flyer.

  6. I preferred trading for Chubb over trading for Roquan this season. I think in general, an edge rusher that can get pressure makes much more of an impact than an off-ball LB. I thought we might be able to adjust the defense based on personnel mid-season and improve the defense significantly.

  7. Smith is largely responsible for turning the Ravens defense into a real team for the back half of the season. Would’ve been awesome to grab him and roll with Ogbah and Phillips but now it looks like Ogbah is on the way out

  8. Yeah, Smith allowed the Ravens to do a lot of things that helped out their secondary specifically. He helped them transform their D in much the same way I was hoping Chubb would allow us to do. The fact that our D didn't change much schematically after the trade is one big reason I was glad to see Boyer go.

  9. You really are belittling a two times Superbowl champion hall of famer who coached for 20 years in the NFL because of one player he drafted?

  10. It's fair to point out that Parcells' philosophy was outdated by the time he came to Miami (look up his rules for drafting a QB), and even more fair to point out that the philosophy is even more outdated now when evaluating his thoughts on current QBs.

  11. He said that Tua played well at times but he is inconsistent because he misses too many games because of injuries. I can't see what's wrong about that assessment.

  12. Case Keenum, Gardner Minshew, CJ Beathard, Nick Mullens. In that order, and not paying more than $4M, including incentives. Use the cap space on the rest of the team and make it easier for whoever is playing QB to win.

  13. Didn't want him, don't care for him, and our OL didn't show much growth this year.

  14. I'm not saying that we saw a lot of growth, but our OC was an experienced OL coach, and our OL coach was an experienced OL coach from college.

  15. Eichenberg did play a decent amount, and he did get hurt. That is true. He was just as bad before the injury as he was at the start of the season.

  16. Eichenberg may have been improving when he got hurt (2 of his highest grades were in the last 3 games he played before IR according to PFF).

  17. Are other teams only interviewing 4 guys for their coordinator spots? Seems like a small amount and like we believe we know who we want and expect them to accept our offer. If McDaniel didn't get a say in who his DC was and now he does, I think that's a serious step forward.

  18. Dolphins were the 4th unluckiest team in the NFL this year, losing 0.99 games to bad luck alone.

  19. But we're pretty much on par with the Bills, who were a dropped goalline snap away from possibly having the number 1 seed.

  20. Absolutely. I just found it interesting, that on top of everything else, we were this unlucky and still had a positive season and made the playoffs.

  21. I definitely think it's positive for our outlook next year. We had a really tough schedule, significant injuries and bad turnover luck. Any of those things flip next season, and we should end in a better position.

  22. Does the Rooney rule apply to DC? Is there any reason we couldn't hire him today?

  23. Yes it does. And since we're also interviewing Desai today, there wouldn't be any reason we couldn't hire someone today, as far as I know.

  24. This was a great read and really insightful where the Dolphins are similar to the final four and where there's a gaping divide (areas to improve upon next season).

  25. Part of the problem is that we put ourselves in 3rd and long quite often.On top of that, our line got no push on 3rd and short, which lead McDaniel to passing more often, which defenses picked up on, and stopped more often than not.

  26. I'd cut him at this point, same as Austin Jackson. I don't think either of them are assets to the team at this point. Iggy is probably the actual worst player on the roster so anyone would be/has been better. Happy for him to get that game winning pick against Pittsburgh but anytime he's on the field otherwise offenses just attack him constantly.

  27. Trade Igbinoghene and 6th for a conditional 7th. That's worth the $2M in cap space, right? Maybe even a 5th. You can pick up an undrafted CB that can actually help on special teams. It'd be one thing if he'd shown any development, but he's definitely a minus on this roster.

  28. No, we would trade a pick for some cap space and a roster spot.

  29. Can somebody explain how this sleeper hold isn’t a penalty next?

  30. Either send the house, or play prevent at the first down line. Flip a coin

  31. Flipping a coin is actually how Boyer decides which play call he's going with. That's why some games we get 40% blitz, while other games are 60%.

  32. This shouldn't take away from how anyone felt after either of those games.

  33. We haven't had an OC return the next season since 2017.

  34. It’s very strange how coaches just abandon the run game when it’s working well for them. The game script was there for the chargers to just run the ball and they got away from it 😂 what an epic choke job

  35. It's very strange how fans think the run game is "working" when the team averages 2.91 YPC and the defense is expecting run...

  36. He falls like a toddler. Besides possibly the Bengals concussion, no other player would get a concussion on those plays except Tua. I hope he learns how to not get hurt because the talent is there

  37. No, my toddler protects himself better when he falls.

  38. It's so weird thinking about another game instead of thinking about coaching changes and off-season plans. It'll come soon enough, I'm sure, but it's nice to have another week.

  39. I feel like we won't get blown out. I'm sure we won't win but I bet it's not by more than 10 points

  40. I kind of get that feeling too, but not sure if we get blown out early and sneak "close" at the end, or stay close until they score 10 straight points in the 4th.

  41. He didn't do it because if he got caught, he would be the scapegoat and he would feel the consequences way more than anyone else.

  42. You say it’s the end of his career but not necessarily

  43. Belichick and Payton were HOF coaches with super bowl rings. McDaniels had Belichick to fall back on.

  44. Anyone out there drink IPAs cause they like the taste and not cause of the higher alcohol %?

  45. This game will be so much less stressful than last week's.

  46. Who were the random people commenting on this sub a couple weeks ago that Flores was a better coach than McDaniel? He turned the worst offense last year into a top 10 this year, made Tua a top 10 QB. The strategy of keeping the Flores guys for continuity showed to be the weakness of this team.

  47. Fun fact. Even though our offense is ranked higher in yards and points this season, Miami actually scored more points in 2020 (in 16 games).

  48. I’m starting to think after all the injuries and everything is taken into account…… we might be a bad team

  49. We're 8-8 and that's about right for how we've played.

  50. The worst part to me this year is we have just been so inconsistent. I don’t feel like we have had a game where we just play well all around. So many games this year where one unit plays well and the other struggles. Or even from drive to dive it seems that way. Defense gets a big stop and offense goes three and out. Offense moves the ball well and defense gets rolled

  51. We're very boom or bust. Explosive plays on offense or sputtering quick outs. Defense can be lights out on 1st and 2nd down then give up 30 on 3rd down. If it was only one side that was like that, we'd probably have a little better record, but when both sides are like that... 8-8. We lose field position on most drives. We're 26th worst starting position per drive on offense, 23rd worst in defense.

  52. Our fans will find any excuse to say their team isn't good or gets screwed or is cursed.

  53. We've gone 2-3 vs. AFC playoff teams this year. If we win, it stays at that record.

  54. If we ran the ball on 1st and 10 instead of an incomplete, it may have been better. Pass on first incomplete means an obvious run on second, so loaded box

  55. This is the line of thinking I'm against though.

  56. Bro you cited an article that's titled "RB doesn't matter," as your citation to back this argument. That's reason enough to ignore this whole conversation

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