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  1. Gotta get your stamina up bestie! Running, skipping, HIIT, anything to increase your stamina.

  2. Eh women and men aren’t the exact same and don’t face the same challenges in life. Swapping out a man for a woman just creates lots of female characters dudes can relate to and doesn’t speak to women’s experience at all.

  3. I agree. Take Megan Fox in Transformers - clearly a male insert that bordered on the unreal. Cersei, Daenerys, Fleabag, Skylar White, Elle Woods, these are all great female characters that lean into their femininity

  4. I think the men who chase after women who clearly aren’t interested are pathetic. But in my experience men don’t like it being handed to them on a platter either. I would prefer not to play games but being too available isn’t sexy so here we are

  5. To me, good prose is clear above all. It can be simple (although preferably not kids' book simple); it can be relatively flowery, have longer sentences, or have more or less "voice" to it, as long as I do not feel I'm wasting my time trying to get to the point of what the writer is trying to communicate. A skilled writer can make any style clear. I can't stand a lot of books that get praised for their prose, and I feel like some actually put people off reading because more casual readers struggle to understand the poorly-done flowery stuff and think the problem is their reading ability.

  6. Agreed. I dislike prose that I have to read multiple times to understand

  7. If I had to define "good prose", it's less about emulating a particular style and more about how well it conveys its story. There are some technical aspects - rhythm, consonance, flow, cadence, and strong command of a variety of literary devices - that go into it, but beyond that, it's all about what the author is trying to make you feel and get you to ponder. Cormac McCarthy's novels are meant to have a dark, unsettling, often otherworldly vibe to them, which is why his blending of declarative writing and a poetic eye for detail works so well. Meanwhile, Lord of the Rings is meant to be feel like a myth and create a sense of wonder, intrigue, and nostalgia for a place that's never been - which is why Tolkien's grand, lyrics flourishes, while not for everyone, make the most sense for what he's trying to accomplish.

  8. Exactly what I think. The vast majority of men are have decent love lives. The ones who come on here do not

  9. I think under a certain age, kids are too in their own heads about it and it’s not as big a deal as it may seem i.e. under 22. I thought I was the biggest loser in the world for being a virgin at 18.

  10. Why do ultraconservative and rape go hand in hand. Reminds me of FLDS

  11. I really think hes an okay actor at best with the worst english accent I have ever heard. He was perfect for SoA, but truly thats the extent of his believable range.

  12. Idk guys. These were cherry picked cases and they were facing the camera for like 2 minutes. Nothing against arranged marriages or their commitment to each other. But their times and circumstances were different. What worked for them may not work for todays time and generation. Indian here with my whole family infact almost entire community around me in arrange marriages. It is more complicated than it looks through a Netflix reality TV show.

  13. Agreed. I think those segments are lovely and give me hope, but I’m sure that for every happy arranged marriage another one broke down

  14. I’m not sure I get all the hate recently on this sub. If Boehly came in and spent nothing this window we would be flipping out. At the end of the day it’s not our money, these deals all seem like good investments into the future of Chelsea. Embrace it!

  15. I have never understood fans complaining about clubs spending too much money… I’m pretty sure the technical directors and financial analysts with all their MBAs and MSCs know what they’re doing

  16. I’ve been using 5kg dumbbells in my workouts (Don’t judge me I’m weak💔) but I can feel it’s getting easier. Can I just increase the reps or add another extra set or should I increase the weights? The issue with increasing is I think another 1.25 would be too difficult for my poor noodle arms and that’s all I have available. Thoughts?

  17. Increase reps and then try heavier weights. Sometimes I'll do my first set at the weight I can easily do as a "warm up" then i'll try the next set with the next weight up. If I can get at least 5-8, then i'll call the set good. Otherwise, I'll do what I can (even if its just 1 or 2 reps) and then finish off my set with the lighter weight. Repeat for the remaining sets.

  18. I thought they were funny and then the fact I was sat there watching a talking baby tree made it even funnier

  19. To be honest I think all of them are getting similar amounts of hate. Equal opportunity hating over here 🤷🏾‍♀️ at least Nadia is getting hate over something she actually did - Aparna Viral and Shital are all getting hate for their personalities 😂

  20. This will probably get downvoted to all hell, but the reason why this happens is because over 98% of the people who finish watching a movie will not watch the credits and will just switch to something else or turn off the service.

  21. I didn’t know there were people watching the credits tbh 😂

  22. I guess I’m not watching the emotional films on Netflix that make you feel this way then

  23. That kind of thirst is soooo off putting 😭 I would be mortified

  24. I mentioned this in another thread, but she seems to expect people to be more open or amenable to making sacrifices and not demand/expect their partner to meet 85-90% of their expectations. Most of the cast, particularly the women, were not about to accept anything less and I can’t fault anyone for that.

  25. I think 85% is a great match. There is nobody in the world that will meet 100% of your expectations whilst you meet 100% of theirs. Every married person will tell you a good relationship is about compromise and growing together. Have certain non-negotiable, sure - religion, family, and everyone deserves to be attracted to their partner. But having a list of 15 specific character traits strays into silly territory. “She needs to cook like my mom” - isn’t cooking something you can learn to do together? “He needs to be a doctor” so a project manager isn’t suitable? Not to be rude but their stringent list of requirements is why they’re 40 and single.

  26. I noticed Sima Auntie spoke multiple languages, is this common for Indian people or is just because her job is national?

  27. This happened to me one time I was fuming 🤣 it was only when I didn’t hear back I realised they just used me because it was a busy Saturday night and they needed the help

  28. As long as producers continue to make period shows set in Europe or such, they will continue to push out non-white actors so hey, I don’t mind a little race bending. I’m not sure if it was Viola Davis or Regina Hall who was speaking about the Emmy’s, but she said that if shows like The Crown, Succession, even Game of thrones to an extent is what sweeps every category, every year then how do other races get a look in?

  29. Lots of difference. Your face is slimmer and you look super toned.

  30. I dont know...this promotes more faking injuries and diving for nothing.This type of thing is completely unprofessional and unsportsmanlike and should be penalized in my mind.

  31. But the league has got to a point where if a player doesn’t fall to the ground referees don’t see the offence as bookable. Players aren’t encouraged to stay on their feet tbh

  32. That's a horrible thing to say about men. Yes, people are motivated by sex. But they're also motivated by love, family, friendship, pets, career achievement, travel, gaining knowledge, helping others, comfort and a million other things. They may think there's no point to life if one of those things is removed, but it's not their only purpose or the only thing they find important. Most people just work to pay their bills and eat. It's not like without sex men would just give up and be homeless.

  33. It matters because if she’s gonna make choices like the ones she’s been making or having shiny new object syndrome there has to be a basis for it. why is her head so big? Because people like sima auntie tell her she has the upper hand. Discovering humility and self awareness should be the basis of her work in therapy. Also I have a lot of guy friends who say she’s not at all the type they would be attracted to, she may be side piece or fuckboy material though. She needs to know her league and bat appropriately.

  34. It’s fair that you don’t find her attractive but I very much doubt she has problems attracting men in real life. Like the other comment said she herself is not ready for marriage and that’s why her relationships fail, not because she doesn’t know her league

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