Mom doubled her salary by getting a new job and her old boss is losing his mind

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Indiana Pastor admits to committing adultery in the past with 1 person. That person ends up coming on stage and confronting him, saying the “adultery” happened when she was underaged.

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Doctor from Wish

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  1. Once you overheat cheap brakes they will remain spongy no matter what. This is why you buy a good set of brakes like V4's.

  2. They hardly ever do. Small business people mostly suck.

  3. I love my Hope Tech 3 V4's. Sintered pads last way long and bite point adjust is fantastic.

  4. I didn’t think of that. It would be cool if strava was able to use our gps data to make updated versions of segments.

  5. Segments have starts and finishes, you can't do them backwards.

  6. Emtb candidate! Then chase her!

  7. god's not real, heaven and hell are just stories.

  8. Buy the best mountain bike you can afford. Most people go cheap and are trying to see if they like stuff. If you have money don't fuck around, just get a good bike, you will ride more, learn faster and it will be easier to ride. Think of it as a healthcare device, a vacation you take every day after work or a gym membership - whatever.

  9. Asking an average person to spend 4 grand out of pocket on a bike for a sport they may not like is a lot to ask

  10. That's why I do say buy the best bike you can. If you can afford it why not.

  11. She let go after anal sex on Johnny's bed - it is meant to be a slap in the face.

  12. Because she is a woman she has no power? WTF are you saying?

  13. Electric assisted exercise is better than no exercise.

  14. Welcome back to childhood brother!

  15. I put 350 miles on the Marlin before the switch. I'm going to need to lose like 115 lbs before I go back.

  16. You'll be surprised. It's all about diet really. The ebike makes you faster on the Amish bike and the Amish bike makes you faster on the ebike. N+1 is a good thing.

  17. These are the same fuckers who hated beer and dancing when I was a kid. Of COURSE they are crazy people.

  18. This was one of the most amazing cinema experiences of my life. I went back half a dozen times to watch it. The crowd was silenced as something they never experienced before was happening - COMPLETE SILENCE. Then light effect and explosion. It was amazing. When you are prepared you can hear the intake of breath as the audience is stunned. It was amazing.

  19. That thin girls was being held back the entire time but looked like she had some death grip on jean vest girl. Jean vest wanted something - she found it.

  20. It's like all these witnesses were part of a large party group.

  21. Or.. most panhandlers could take their meds and join society.

  22. I guess you don't know that people who have no insurance and are under poverty line can get free meds?

  23. "You don't have to respect people's opinions: you have to acknowledge their opinions. Then you can tell them that's the dumbest fucking thing you've ever heard."

  24. This is the truth. I would add you don't "have" to listen but it's rude not to.

  25. Nobody deserves shit. Respect is earned, believing in god does not grant you "respect".

  26. Ronald Reagan and the monkey he starred with?

  27. These comments about America dont really know what it is like where this kid lives. If you are not from there it will be incredibly weird and possibly offputting depending on who you are. It is interesting to see this type of behavior in that community though...

  28. I laugh when the religious start talking about how we don't need separation of church and state when there's enclaves of religious towns popping up.

  29. Yeah i thought of that too but shouldnt it be leaking lots of air? I don‘t think that i lost any significant air pressure over the last week. However i will probably try to tighten it i think i have the tool laying around. I should probably deflate the fork first right?

  30. If it is new take it back to the shop for warranty issue. I've had two FOX shocks fail last year. The LAST thing you want to do is fuck with it so they cannot determine if it was your or manufacturing process that fucked it up.

  31. Take it back to have it sent back to FOX for replacement.

  32. Trail volunteers sounds exactly like some wannabes pretending to be something they are not, Wich is to say any type of legitimate law enforcement, they should all be handled the same way Are you law enforcement? No! or I'm a member of blah blah, Ok would be blah blah, get out of my face or get my foot stuck up your ass, also don't hesitate to report these people to the real police for harassment and impersonating a member of law enforcement, That is a legit charge and doesn't mean you have to impersonate a police officer, but impersonating someone with any legal authority to stop , question or in anyway bother someone, Most of these volunteer groups are just half ass vigilantes with out a cause or any real concept of law, and most police officers are glad to put them in their place

  33. Trail volunteers donate their time and effort to making trails, maintaining them and often understand the current politics. If they guy is trying to sooth the anti-ebike hate - you're not helping. Managing the perception is very real atm when organizations are just opening to ebikes. I often hear about rule breakers and land managers do end trail access because people don't follow their wishes. In our area it's for people riding on hunting land that can't stay off it from September 1st to May 15th. Now that trail has to be poached under threats of tickets all because riders thought they knew their "regulations" and in reality fucked it up for everyone.

  34. As someone who just got an ebike to get into cycling for fitness, I feel attacked 🤣

  35. Join IMBA, support your local bike trail group and volunteer for maintenance days. Remember, uphill riders have right of way, stop for horses on trails and wait for directions from the horseback rider. Your stoke ends where someone else's begins.

  36. working numbers as relationships only helps people understand. Plus for kids who's children will be working on multidimensional issues it will be even more helpful.

  37. will usa survive if china create a sanction , all the loan and export goods ? .

  38. India, Pakistan, Africa - all waiting to pick up slack.

  39. Celebrate. They have every right to independence.

  40. Chris Redd is fucking hilarious, Davidson has been flat and I can pass on his raps /yawn. I love me some Cecily Strong, both singing sketches Chuck E Cheese and Subway Churro her singing was great! Kate is lit she's like the Steve Martin of this generation.

  41. I don't watch tv and didn't see this movie. Bought tickets tomorrow - Love Michelle!!

  42. It's Florida, someone should just give her some guns. This is what stand your ground laws are for.

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