1. I have the lower end version with the crappier cummerbund. It's ok, seems to be built well. Biggest complaint is the back panel. They have offset zippers, so only HRT's back panels will fit. No aftermarket ones that I'm aware of, and they're pricey.

  2. If you're just looking for the pattern, Propper makes quarter-zip combat shirts and BDU pants in "digital woodland," which is basically unlicensed MARPAT without the little eagle-globe-and-anchor images worked in.

  3. I've used a pair of the Propper pants for regular airsofting for about 6 months. The pattern fades pretty quickly off if you do a lot of kneeling and sliding. They are comfy, though, and $35 is a lot easier to stomach for 1 pair of pants.

  4. I use Zeiss Fog Defender for my airsoft gear and it works fantastic. I'm sure it would work for glasses and a balaclava. It's like $7 on Amazon.

  5. I follow that, haven't seen any flashlight deals posted

  6. The surplus USMC dump pouches are under appreciated.

  7. As are their speed load mag pouches. They are $10 when not on sale and work just as well as the Gucci ones

  8. Juliet is made to work with the Romeo. The Holosun HM3X also works well too.

  9. The fact that the government would have to drone strike me or mulch my farmhouse with an A-10 from the nearby airbase instead of sending one or two armed officers to take me out because I'm verifiably unarmed seems like the deterrent is working to me.

  10. Exactly. I read one comment saying how "we have to keep guns locked up separately from ammo and the police can come by anytime and check". I cant imagine living in that kind of police state. Got a warrant? No? Then get off my property.

  11. Just want a group to consistently play with. Sometimes there's nobody that shows up to the field, sometimes there's a handful. I'd like to compete occasionally in the speedsoft tournaments too.

  12. If your looking for people to play with, just approach some of the people playing with you already. Make some new friends

  13. I've done that. Most aren't local, they come from an hour or so away. They don't play weekly, at least not at my local fields

  14. Not sure on most people's experience, but I recently bought 2 pairs of Propper BDU style pants. They have held up well to multiple work days and outdoor airsoft games, which include lots of sprinting and sliding. They usually run $30-$35

  15. Are you just cleaning with the Rotella, or actually leaving it on a lubricant?

  16. Tekloks are a good attachment. They are extremely popular in the knife making community for sheaths. The fastening mechanism is a tad tricky to take off one-handed, but its really solid.

  17. Thanks for the input. This is why I thought about them as I can move my attachments freely on the fly without taking 20 30 minutes. Or be lazy but Gucci and have multiple pouches set up for each mission or caliber swap.

  18. No problem. Definitely take some Velcro with sticky backing and put it on the back of the teklok. Lucas from Trex arms even recommends doing that for belt kits.

  19. What's your process? I have some ACU stuff I'd be interested in dyeing.

  20. I’m not (very) serious about the 5.11 part. I’m just joking about that one.

  21. I was going to say, I love my 5.11 pants and I can't stand Tim Kennedy 😅

  22. Probably your wifi. Turn it off and use data, see what that does.

  23. Honestly I'd look on ebay. There's lots for sale there

  24. I found like 4 pairs today and was so excited... until I saw they were all 3xl.

  25. Hey guys, I know nothing about helmets. Saw this at my local flea market for $50. Is it ballistic or more of a bump?

  26. It’s a Helmet PASGT DLA 100-86-F-EE63 8470-01-92-7527

  27. Looks dope, I've been thinking about getting one to experiment with.

  28. Airsoft is good training for movement, weapons handling, communication, and reloads.

  29. The barrel will be plenty accurate. But it also comes down to ammo. I've played around with hand loads out of a psa barrel and stacked rounds on top of each other at the target. Then turned around and shot steel case that wouldn't go closer together than an inch. So it depends on what ammo you're shooting.

  30. “There is a time and place for both so you should know and be proficient with both”

  31. This what I figured, its just never shown in videos. I think the only guntuber I've ever heard mention that they like to re-index their mags in Blue Jean operator.

  32. I would say that’s a fair assessment. I don’t notice many gunrunners doing it either, unless you’re specifically looking at videos on that kind of thing. But as someone else has said, and it will continue to be said, this is a fashion sub, and mag retention just ain’t it chief. Absolutely viable and IMHO a mandatory skill, but it’s not as flashy or “clout-earning” as busting a super fast Speed reload

  33. Thats fair too. I'll just keep browsing and looking for toes.

  34. I like the Duluth pants, they're comfy. But my 5.11 pants have so far outlasted my Duluth pants by leaps and bounds.

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