1. I don’t usually get more that 4.5 a night average. Tried just about everything (yes even THC gummies). Exercise helps a bit but want to try trazodone. Kinda afraid to add another medication

  2. No all locations are equal. Just saying some are busier than others. And its really dependent on when you go as well.

  3. Bells season is something i also gift with B&M brown bread

  4. One of my best friends is dealing with this for months. Didn’t know it was a meno thing

  5. I have it but my younger sister doesn’t & neither does her grade school kids who think its hilarious & somewhat mock me

  6. Yes, it was a lifesaver for me. I was having terrible insomnia and started using this around dinner time. I slept really well on it. I’ve had three other friends use it on my recommendation. It helped them with sleep and hot flashes.

  7. Do they only use this for symptoms? Are they peri or meno?

  8. The South Shore SUCKS when it comes to food.

  9. This is pretty much true with the exception of bar pizza

  10. I was in perimenopause in my late 30’s and then heading into menopause in my early 40’s. I started to have terrible hot flashes and couldn’t sleep through the night and had a low sex drive. I went on a low dose of HRT, dermal estrogen patch with oral progesterone, and it was like magic how quickly all my symptoms disappeared. After two years of being on HRT I started to have abnormal mammograms and eventually ended up with DCIS. I had to stop HRT immediately. I later learned that any alcohol use on HRT is pretty dangerous and increases the amount of estrogen flowing through your body. I was having a glass or two of wine per day at the time. I did a ton of research on this and realized that with my risk factors- never had children, moderate to low alcohol consumption, past history of smoking, paternal grandmother who had BC, I really should never have been on it. Thankfully I’m doing okay without it. I’m treating symptoms with diet, herbs, exercise, and meditation.

  11. Worse part about it is the reaction/opinions of people.

  12. I was more of a TT's gal, but damn, I'm really sad to see it go.

  13. I took it back at the end of June with no rebound & tested negative on day 5

  14. Just further proof of the superiority of the Commonwealth.

  15. Ive always been able to find parking off of Comm Ave 2-3 blocks way

  16. https://www.mass.gov/guides/list-of-state-parks-by-region

  17. Mom passed from BC at younger age, not a genetic type. Was told my assessed risk of getting breast cancer is same as general population. Recently had genetic testing done (negative) and have annual mammos. Transitioned from birth control to hrt at 52. Helps with almost all meno symptoms.

  18. What beers do you recommend? I have yet to try there.

  19. I’m beginning to care less about what people think of me.

  20. Have been to both multiple times and they are generally identical.

  21. https://masscranberrybogtours.ticketspice.com/massachusetts-cranberry-bog-tours-2022

  22. Yes! Was there last night Dillions Local, Tasty, Artisan Pig.

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