Bossy Co-Worker Screws Himself out of a Promotion

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  1. A pretty typical part of an abusive relationship is the abuser pushes people away from their victim. It's selfish. I would avoid blaming your friend for this as she's likely being manipulated. She also might feel ashamed of being with someone she knows is abusive. I don't think this is a "you" thing.

  2. If it's mostly for web apps and note taking, a somewhat recent mac model is the best option for longevity, a windows machine is most flexible, and a chromebook is the most inexpensive. Depends on your needs.

  3. I say let her go. It's probably not a you thing if that helps ease your mind.

  4. "Yeah I'll be done soon, let me just finish up my homework." -tippytoemaster 2 minutes ago

  5. My friends told this guy to ask me out, which is already awkward enough, but not abnormal for high schoolers.

  6. A part for my car that I utterly failed to put in on my own 👍

  7. I never thought I would be able share something interesting enough for a podcast like rSlash. But someone wrote an article on my post from the other day and it somehow got 10k upvotes, so I figured I might as well submit this.

  8. A kid that teaches other kids how to sneak out without their parents catching them.

  9. It’s so lame cuz the time and energy put into his shenanigans I’m sure takes more time and energy than just getting shit done and getting along with folks.

  10. The sad part is that as unpleasant as I find him, I don't hate Trevor. I don't know if he hates me, but he clearly saw me as a rival rather than a coworker.

  11. This is amazing. I love that she was able to validate you on your way out!

  12. This is pretty gross and manipulative. I don't know if you did overreact, OP. She clearly doesn't respect the boundary you have in place.

  13. The thing is that I still keep thinking about it . I know it is wrong but we still text ....

  14. It's okay, just keep in mind that he'll do it again and there's a good chance it would just get worse. You can do whatever you think is best, but just please keep safe, OP.

  15. Yea i just ignored him all day and night this is the plan until he gets the picture. Ive literally tried everything else.

  16. That's heartbreaking. I'm sorry. Are you planning on talking to him after Thanksgiving?

  17. Idk how to get him to see we are great for friends. Hes told me if we broke up he would never be my friend and dat hurt soooo much not having him at all so i just deal with it.

  18. That's rough, OP. But he has a right to dictate the relationship as much as you do, so if he can't be a friend and you can't be a girlfriend, there's not much you can do without wasting each other's time.

  19. Ahh that makes sense. I never though the code has any relationship to the level of difficulty thanks for the “helped”

  20. Most of the time the woman is roleplaying as a young child (some of them even have pacifiers or wear diapers and little girl underwear) and the guy is typically the authority figure in the situation. People will say that it’s not sexual but most of the people who enact the kink do make it sexual. If you go on the DDLG subs here you’ll see women dressing up as kids and men in the comments saying things like “little girl”, “daughter”, and statements about touching “princess parts”.

  21. There's no formal agreement. Obviously, OP should stop collecting payment until she buys a food bucket or something. I don't think OP should do this, but they have every right to. It's OP's account and OP can do whatever they want with the account. Payment doesn't entitle her to the account as OP is not the provider and it's not a legal transaction.

  22. If OP has the bill in their name and they aren't the one she has a contract with, they have every right to withhold it.

  23. Because Twitter is just another platform where people are extremely divided and this whole thing is just extending the issue.

  24. Yeah, as great as it would be if it died, it probably won't :(

  25. Not even wild animals eat bones. Is this real? I'm just genuinely curious now.

  26. how to i even bring that up we’ve been together for over 2 years and i know i’m his everything and i mean he’s mine too. he’s happy and i’m not. i would never in a million years cheat on him but i just want to be happy

  27. You could suggest taking a break rather than a full on breakup just to see if you feel better outside of the relationship.

  28. It seems like you're being fully reasonable. It shouldn't be too much for her to at least hear you out. Express your needs and just tell her how the rejection makes you feel. It might be uncomfortable to have the conversation, but she might not realize how you feel unless you just tell her.

  29. yeah i totally get it but we live in different times now. the hot attractive women are going for the 10s and unfortunately no matter how hot i am or how much $ im making im still not going to live up to expectations based on the 4-4.5inches down there..

  30. I personally feel like size is pretty unimportant. Other things concern me so much more than a slightly below average penis. You are your own worst critic.

  31. It's entirely up to you, but I would let things play out to a point where it seems like you might get intimate before offering the information though.

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