1. Being able to communicate and socialise with others without being excluded, given mean or disgusted eyes, and just treated like a normal being. No pedestal needed, I just don't want to be the ugly monster to them. That's all

  2. Lol this comment immediately reminded me of the female protagonist in the show Lucifer. Her appearance drastically changes throughout the seasons.

  3. Wait the blond ones? I haven't watched Lucifer for years and I can't remember that. Unless there's a new season that I haven't watched yet.

  4. I've heard the evolutionary reason for long labia is that they're supposed to prevent bacteria and filth from entering. Other than that, no clue at all.

  5. Can you describe your eating habits? At which times do you typically eat, what does your food look like, and your snacks? Do you take seconds, thirds? Did your hunger increase during your gym era?

  6. -I do not like losing time in salons, so I got good hair shears and trim my own split ends.

  7. I've been thinking about stocking up on frozen fruit for snacks, do you know if they maintain their 'integrity' once defrosted? I'd like to take pineapple chunks or strawberries to work but I'm worried they will turn into a soggy mess lol

  8. Strawberries do get a little mushy but not as much as raspberries for example. I'm not sure about pineapple but I'd guess it'd look a bit juicy- which fresh one does aswell, maybe it works

  9. Hii, may i ask if everything healed well? I‘m exactly in the same situation 2 weeks post OP now :-(

  10. Hey, all well! Everything felt normal after a few months and I was able to do any activity as per usual again. The itching was annoying but I think that was until week 3-4 only. Hardest part imo. Seperation went away somehow. I think the swelling made it look like that.

  11. I feel like fat intake makes a huge difference for me. Sometimes I forget adding fat and it makes me feel less energised but adding just a little nut butter or avocado or flaxseed oil or walnuts helps a lot. Also if you're not vegan, salmon has the same benefits.

  12. So so true on the fats! I think it's why I loved low carb so much. I'll see how I can sneak healthy fats into meals.

  13. Yoga and weightlifting are great! I'm not at a gym currently so I barely have any weights at home. But I try to build up leg muscles. They arethe largest group of muscle, and they're easy to target, especially for women. Muscle needs more energy both during and after workout. So it keeps the metabolism busy.

  14. I always found that "off duty model" style to be boring, but I saw a slim blonde girl at the mall dressed like that and ngl she looked so effortlessly polished, but I feel like not everybody can pull it off

  15. I feel like it's a double edged sword, depending on natural features: if people fit the current idea of beauty, people seem to love it. But I've witnessed many times when people who didn't look like supermodels would be shamed for the same style: suddenly that hair style is oily and dirty, suddenly leggings are lazy, and acne skin "should've been covered up".

  16. For some reason I sense late bloomer. Someone who hasn't really liked the spotlight, fashion and make up during puberty but now as an adult you invested time in your glow up. And you love your new confidence! I think you like to read, and you can be a quiet person but if you feel comfortable you will share a lot of your thoughts with others. Your parents put you into a hobby that takes years to develop the skill for- maybe an instrument or something.

  17. I feel like being online a lot is not doing any good. Being exposed to the looks of others, their edited selves, their very specific angles and lights and posing. And then on the other hand surround ourselves with glow up advice 24/7. Taking a little advice is good but constantly looking for the next flaw to fix, making it your solely purpose in life is where it gets kind of bad. I see this problem a lot in this type of subs. It's fun getting the rewarding feeling of finally having "fixed" something. But maybe we should leave it to that one flaw, enjoy the victory, and not look for the next one.

  18. True. I do edit some of my photos and I forget which ones are edited. So when I look back, am I actually looking back at me or an edited version of me?

  19. Oh yeah wow! And also many phone cameras nowadays have automatic filters for smoother skin and such. It's really hard to avoid the altered self. I only ever do selfies from slightly below so that my nostrils are visible. It makes the nose look more button when irl I have the hugest nose ever.

  20. I've heard about this but maybe it's more of a high school/young age, petty thing caused by insecurity. I've never seen that in adilthood. The women that I'm around, they complement eachother a lot, no matter if the recipient is drop dead gorge always or if it's someone who rarely stands out. If anything, those amazing looking people get drowned by compliments from what I've seen.

  21. Nervous laughing all the time. It’s really odd and cringe. It gives people crossed signals and just feels weird.

  22. Plastic surgery. Everything before that I tried to tackle the same problems just didn't give the same response. It was more like, when you really want chocolate after not having it for a long time, maybe for health reasons, but the first thing you get is dates covered in cocoa powder. Nice and sweet. But kind of not hitting the same. Then you want to get more of that feeling and eventually get sugar free dark chocolate. Closer, especially in consistency, and better than when you didn't have chocolate in your life. But as soon as you run your teeth into a sweet milk chocolate bar, you realise that all the alternatives before have been a joke. Closer to what you needed but it just couldn't compete with the full sugar real chocolate.

  23. Soft femininity, nurturing type of energy. Reliable friend. Self confident. Not afraid to take up space but because of your positive energy, people will literally offer you all the space and spotlight before you even need to fight for any of it. People love being around you. You probably have a very elegant way of dealing with problems between people.

  24. Great guide! Also I feel like a somewhat positive mindset can be helpful in so many ways. For example, many times it has been discussed that some of us struggle with being negative and resentful, toxic jealous, when it comes to people who are more attractive than us. But they will always exist. We can't avoid them and we can't ever win the race of beauty. Someone will always be in front of us. So learning how to deal with it is important for our own inner peace. And also I have noticed how these people definitely pick up on these mean behaviours of ours so they avoid us aswell. But as soon as I changed my attitude towards them, I could finally build a connection that allowed me to find out a few more niche beauty hacka of theirs. They will just mention them. They won't gatekeep as long as we're being nice, too. So.. It brings several benefits.

  25. These are so 2006ish! Maybe you can find these designs on depop, vinted and such. I'd try simple search words because most people have no idea what certain styles are called. Those who do usually aim for more profit though :D So... Flower bikini, striped bikini etc instead of y2k bikini.

  26. Very chill. Introverted, harmonic, and a little bit more in your comfort zone than you wished. I'm getting, 5 different bold styles and personalities saved on pinterest boards, confident when alone but kind of affeaid of judgement for living up your full style when among people. Maybe you have a nerdy hobby like gaming or pen and paper. People always like you when they meet you.

  27. As someone who grew up in the 80's, I can tell you that volumizing shampoos and products were a big deal. People also got their hair layered and permed on the regular, and teased the hell out of it. Vent brushes, blow dryers, and Stiff Stuff (yes, that was actually the name of the hairspray) were your friend.

  28. The teasing and the hair spray and the use of little volume buffer things... That type of effort and damage is not worth it for a day to day life unless people read the news or something :') but it looks bomb

  29. The best celeb comparison I can make is Miley and Liam. Pretty guy but he dimmed her light so much. Idk how deep you're in that rabbit hole, I'm grtting flooded with all the little Easter eggs and snippest from her new song. There were so many moment when this man turned a fun moment of her enjoying herself into a little frown or a fake smile for the public. Do you really want that type of guy? Miley is awesome. Not everyone can handle her lively personality. But that's totally fine. The right person will be even more enjoyable than someone who's just handsome.

  30. To me it's usually a sign of insecurity and vanity. It's an exhausting combo: those guys feel like aging is a bad thing. Therefore they will make it sound like 23 years old women are super old and unattractive while 21 is just the standard. Because they know they shouldn't be with us. But they'll project in on us aswell. And say all the secist type of shit, like men age like fine wine, biological justifications like mens reproductivity ages much better than women's (fun fact, this has been debunked. Sperm from people >40 is actually a source for many serious risks in pregnancy and a childs life. There's more about it online if you want facts, scientific sources and such).

  31. P.S. how I deal with that? I either avoid, or if for some reason I have to deal with them for a while, I won't entertain their phantasy of being young and good looking. I make them understand that it's not me who's blessed to have them in my presence but the other way around. That they do have to pay. And I will subtly comment on their old age at any given chance. Which works wonders :D for example "What's your age again, 68?... Oh, 61. Yeah sorry to me it's all the same, I'm really bad at guessing that age bracket.", Or "so cute when you do that, just like my grandpa used to! I love that!", And so on. If I'm like that, it's never unprovoked. I'm only mean if I have to. However they don't realise that I'm being mean because my delivery is the sweetest.

  32. I'm just doing one thing at once and if I fail, I either try again immediately or I'll take a break until I feel ready again. And if a new thing gets too exhausting I will stop it at all because some sacrifice is simply not worth it. I have watched a documentary about the girls of the playboy mansion and I found it extreme how much time and energy they had to put in their appearance on a daily base. But the difference was that they were getting paid for it and they had professionals help them, like stylists, chefs and such. If it's not fun and not maintainable then why would I waste so much energy for free? I can use my time for other things like a hobby, seeing my friends, or even working and earning money to pay others who will assist me with annoying tasks. No pressure

  33. Oh wait is this sub for promo or something?:o this is like the 3rd post I see from an acc that self promotes, but this one is the most obvious. I think I misread the sub lol

  34. I agree, but I feel like her videos are more for girls that lack self respect when it comes to relationships and girls that don’t do good in relationships in general.

  35. I think if she were not as pretty, people wouldn't care about her at all. Her videos are way too long, 30-60 minutes of low definition videos of her rewording why she doesn't need anyone but herself. My attention span couod never. Every video seems to be the same. And she kind of oozes ✨issues. In a way she appears like someone who's too much online, who doesn't have friends or a social lifey and who's somehow beefing with everyone. It's nice that she's learning and teaching about boundaries but she also seems pretty... Involved. In an unrelaxed way.

  36. I assume your lips are natural- they look natural. But just in case they're not: can you tell me your doctor and method?:D

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