1. The author should join reddit and review this subreddit. Clearly the majority believe statistical, Wentz is the better QB, but TH4...well some say he has that dawg in him, other say the team just rallies behind him, other say they just want to know the next pair of Jordan's he will buy, or that he is just more enjoyable to watch.

  2. Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should. 😉

  3. 🤣 I wouldn't do this to a 4wd runner. Actually have a goal to get a runner and put a few inch lift on it for camping out here in AZ. Not as much work as most of the runners in here, but enough to have confidence on forest service roads.

  4. $950 for deftones vinyl collection, not numbered. Only 1000 sold to the public. This copy was from a private collection of a record store from my understanding

  5. I love the Deftones so much. It's probably my favorite band that I don't own the grailz of. I need to at least get white pony, around the fur, and self-titled.

  6. There are some decent grailz to get. I also have a copy of the misprint white pony

  7. could be transfer fees.. get up with Fidelity's cudtomer service.. also there should be transfer fees from RH also so check your RH account too

  8. I looked to transfer from RH to fidelity about 2 years ago. RHs transfer fee was $75 at that time

  9. I am in the greater Phoenix area. 1 junkyard I went to had 5 of this Gen in it. Will be hit or miss what they will have and conditon. There were a few chrome bumpers but each had sizable dents. Fenders might be a little more difficult to get if the vehicle has been in the yard for too long.

  10. Nope...that is what most of are hoping will happen. Just playing the waiting game at this point and enjoying the fun games with TH4 playing.

  11. Here is my problem...I have JJ, Higgins, ARSB and Watson. Starting JJ, Higgins and ARSB at flex. Debating swapping Higgins for Watson should chase be cleared to play

  12. I haven't measured it yet, but at least a good 6 inches

  13. “That’s cute, you lay frame. Check this out”

  14. I can't take credit for the work as I purchase the truck already in this state.

  15. Are these numbers a lot idk also what do you guys think of my choice of music let me know?

  16. Lol I see your point. And my post was not to see if anyone in here liked my choice of music, because clearly they do. I honestly thought it was interesting that they had 4 of my top 5 songs. And it was not intentional to post shortly after the other person did.

  17. And I thought the $280 I spent at the game this weekend was too much

  18. Any money spent on a cardinals game is too much money !! 😉

  19. Lol I am not even a fan. Good friend had an extra ticket last minute. Was good way to close the holiday weekend

  20. I think without that Thursday night game earlier in the season, the team would be a little more beat up and in need of rest before week 14.

  21. AZ Local at the cards game, sound like good I couldn't watch

  22. White and singletary. Both did decent just not his numbers today

  23. Emergency fund is at lending club. I also move money there that I need to save for short term purchases (I pay my insurance in full every 6 months, if I am saving for a new TV). For me, this just ensures I don't accidentally forget the purpose of those funds.

  24. Thanks. Luckily it's the same color as the runner I am building.

  25. That would be great solely for the fact my nickname is hooker and then I wouldn't have to purchase a custom jersey 🤣🤣

  26. Mine changes based on what I eat and if I consume alcohol.

  27. Love it. This feels like AZ or NV based on the neighborhood

  28. I’m in AZ as well. Trying to get my bagged Cadillac back on the road. Hope to see you around the shows

  29. Sweet. She needs aligned still but should be out at show when possible

  30. Yes sir. Sick 4 Runner btw. Knew this dude Sean that had one like it, but with a wild paint job.

  31. Thanks. She is a work in progress but drivable. Long term plans not figured out yet, but do believe I will keep it simple. I have an 85 toyota pickup that I tell myself will be the crazy build lol

  32. Hell ya man. MBN to have two. Now I want to build another one!

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