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Hurricane Ian - what 15 fr storm surge looks like (credit to Max Olson Chasing)

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  1. Puking while they're sewing up your c-section? Pregnancy and delivering really is just a list of nightmares, isn't it. Hats off to those who decide to go on that journey though.

  2. Yeah all anesthesia makes me puke. So I got an epidural so I would not feel most of pushing out an 8lb baby, but I could not stop puking through the whole thing. The doctor said the vomiting pressure helps push the baby out was an out of body experience.

  3. Not lying, I binged that series 5 times. My all time favorite

  4. Try being adopted then seeing pictures of people you never knew about til adulthood. Its trippy seeing pieces of yourself on strangers. I have my paternal grandfathers nose and eye structure. I have maternal grandfathers forehead, and a grandmothers cheeks. I met my maternal grandmothers sister (my great aunt) and found I have that sides body type; (awesome because they all live to their 90s sharp as tacks.) which explains why I am so short compared to my siblings. Its trippy.

  5. Iowa was hit with hurricane speed winds (highest wind speed recorded that day was 140 mph which is equivalent to a Category 4 hurricane) and most of the state was without power for several weeks… in the middle of summer. We’re still cleaning up and making repairs 2 years later.

  6. Most of the country does not know what a Derecho is. Freight train straight hurricane speed winds that have no where to break because...The Great Plains are flat. My family lives in Iowa and they all had damage. a Derecho is expected to happen much more frequently. Also tornado alley is moving east

  7. Mothers exposed to and having had COVID gave birth to babies that were deveopmentally normal, but the placenta that delivered oxygen/blood/nutrients became crunchy and pale (COVID placenta). The placenta would normally be moist, dark and smooth looking very much like a live tree with arteriovenous branches that culminate in the umbilical cord. No one knows what the full effects of this is on the children.

  8. This time we live in is likely the best to be. I in the scheme of things am nothing, and will be nothing excepting those who remember me for a short time.

  9. Significant how? Because I'm sorry to burst your bubble but no house is falling 40% in MA in price. Even the 2008 bubble only took 10-12% hit at the most in MA and that was because easy subprime mortgage loans to people who couldn't afford it. So this was a time when people were losing houses increasing inventory.

  10. JFC did I ever get lucky to score my house at the price I bought in 2013 in Southcoast MA/RI border. My house equity went up %50 and I got to refi when the interest rates were tanked in Dec 2020. Such luck.

  11. Well done. How much is your mortgage?

  12. Cuz a third of our population are dumb as fuck, like to bootlick, and are borderline nihilists.

  13. oh I think you are underestimating that number by quite a bit friendo.

  14. Golden retrievers are the best antidepressant. They are so stupid, goofy, soft, stubborn and loving at the same time. We don't deserve them but here they are. My Abigail Penelope is the Princess Of The Stinky Barn. When I am upset she noses my hand repeatedly until I pet her. She KNOWS I would feel better if I just pet her.....they are amazing dogs.

  15. My mom got a golden retriever/chow rescue from my brother a few months after my dad died. Bear. That dog… he was a very good friend to her. To all of us really. He passed a few years ago. My mom wants to get another dog at some point. But losing Bear was hard on her. Knowing where he came from, and how much we loved that dude… you give them the best life you can, right? I’d like to get a dog. But I don’t have the space or time or means to care for one right now. So, I’m waiting til I do.

  16. Your reply is perfect ☺️. Thanks for sharing and I hope another good pup picks your mom.

  17. at this point, dude is unisex

  18. I appreciate the formal 'My dude' as well.

  19. Wow that’s fascinating. Sounds like you’re doing much much better now! Thank you for sharing; I love this subreddit

  20. It's really nice not feeling burning at least half of the month every month. Your welcome! I also have the advantage of being a nurse, but it took me a solid six months to listen to myself and figure it out.

  21. Hair is standing on end listening to this mastery. She's amazing.

  22. I had no idea about Golden's till we got ours. They are ridiculous. Fluffy, silly, happy, stubborn, smart. They MUST retrieve! I love my Abigail Penelope....I was surprised when we got her how heavy she was at 8 weeks. Now she is a 70 pound goofball...

  23. she was pretty well off herself before she married him.

  24. Lets not forget that her mother let her start this process as a teenager. She was trying to keep Tyga by looking older and less thin lipped. This whole beauty trend needs to die. I wanna see natural beauty.

  25. Not worried at all. I'm waiting for the second half of my retention bonus in December.

  26. She’s talented and successful. The folks making ignorant comments about Lizzo are envious and foolish. The Library of Congress allowed her to play it for a reason. Congratulations Lizzo. Some of us know how to be happy for others, not just ourselves.

  27. She was training to go to Paris Conservatory and was trained by one of the best flautists in the US.

  28. I so wish we could get a live recording of Lizzo performing a mini-series on the crystal flute in the Library of Congress. The library is amazing and it makes my heart so warm to see the space come alive with this beautiful performance.

  29. She did a dance competition doc on zon where she is recruiting for her dance troupe. Its amazing. She is positive, loving, teaching and fun! She pulls no punches about how hard she works and she expects those who are part of her troupe/show do the work too. She is a band geek who deserves all the money pouring in to her from her created art. I have a feeling she is going to put out more videos and you'll see everything behind the flute, and her prepping for it.

  30. The COVID and influenza viruses would like a moment of your time to discuss their plans for the upcoming winter season.

  31. Boston water levels of COVID are spiking. In 2 weeks it's gonna be back to the same ol same ol

  32. It's a fun day, its good family time. Its my sons birthday so after this we won't see him again til Thanksgiving or Christmas.

  33. I cannot get over the size. I haven't looked at the numbers but I swear today's Ford Ranger is bigger than a 1990s F150 and a Maverick would dwarf a 1990s Ranger.

  34. My husbands 2021 F150 is significantly larger than his fathers 1996 F150. But the 2021 engine is smaller but puts out more power (of course he also has twin turbos). NGL I love driving the massive thing. Its so comfortable and its a tank. He does use it offroad, and to haul stuff. But its also our family vehicle.

  35. Oncology was a bitch and I had a few that were awful. The ongoing trauma was being with some living corpses for 36 hours a week while they dumped all their hopes and dreams into you for when “they get better” know that they never will. They’ll die a slow and agonizing death.

  36. My first nursing job was oncology. Did it for 3 years before I burned out. You see the people get diagnosed with head/neck and have hopeful rosy outcomes expectations then they slowly fade away through the grueling chemo/rad. Its brutal. The young mother with colon cancer that beat it. She had 18 months in which she had a 3rd baby with her husband. The cancer came back and spread quick. I'll never forget walking by her room with her curled up against her husband taking last ditch abdominal washing chemo through port in her abdomen, so pale. Her 3 babies 10,7, and 2 playing nearby. The guy who had a rough life, drugs, jail ect. Got himself straightened out, got a good job, married and had kids in his late 40s. ended up with a tumor through his skull at 51 with young kids. The face tumors, the brain tumors where you are just seizing at the end on nonstop ativan and mannitol....anyway. COVID was not easy but I was doing homecare when it hit. SO I just had to send low sats to the ED and never see them again (which also sucked when it was people that I saw in the home for years). I did not go through what you guys on the floors did. I'm in my niche right now in on call home care 7 days on 7 days off 5p-8a. no regrets.

  37. This is obscure in the US. Please enjoy. Artist: Underworld. Album: Beaucoup Fish

  38. This record has absolutely nothing to do with techno. House maybe, and even then it's kind of borderline.

  39. Morphine is not absorbed sublingually. It's not lipophilic at all which would be just 1 property to cross SL. The only effect the patient would get is when the morphine inevitably dripped down their throat and was absorbed via the GI tract. You want an SL opioid, then you need fentanyl. I'm a palliative trained pharmacist.

  40. Never heard of SL morphine. Don't think we have it in the UK.

  41. Ok that explains my not understanding as I am a US RN.

  42. That's a good old fashioned (racist by today's standards) Blackamoor doll .

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