1. Just amazing history and what more amazing is she is still capable of doing stuff at this age

  2. I hope there are many more smoking accidents to come in Russia. Ukraine will target Russia war making abilities not kindergartens.

  3. The first picture looks bigger then the second. It’s only a small portion of the factory burning.

  4. Ivan snuck across the boarder

  5. While we are at it, maybe we can give parts of Florida to Russia. I'm sure Putin would appreciate that.

  6. in other words "give us what we want or we will cut back oil production". not sure he wants to play that game. last time i checked they dont grow a lot of food.

  7. Trust us he says we are “ responsible”and we will gouge you any opportunity we get.

  8. She has seen his little choad 😂

  9. Take the money and run 🏃‍♀️

  10. It means as much as the piece of paper it was written on.

  11. As is every piece of paper written in Russia seems to be worthless. Or any international agreement

  12. The Little dictator is just butt hurt that nothing russia has is as good as German equipment.

  13. This doesn’t exclude any Soviet weaponry. It would be fine to fire their own shit in to Russian territory which are military targets as Ukraine seems to do with the help of their russian friend Ivan

  14. It is time for NATO forces to arrive. Could be pilots flying sorties with western planes to stop all the bombing. Or, if NATO would take a weekend and totally disarm Belarus. Show them an updated version of "Shock & Awe" that will show the Citizens of Moscow what they can expect if they continue to bomb their neighbors. If the Russian troops are having morale problems now, the sight of a squadron of F16's above the battlefield should send them running.

  15. Side note I saw a video the other day that suggested just 15 Ukrainians will send the fodder running… but I agree who cares what russia says? The cia and special forces do all kinds of unsavory shit all over the world why are they so afraid of operating in Ukraine?

  16. The CIA is there my friend. You’re a fool to believe otherwise

  17. But in what capacity? “Observers” they have unlimited bucks they could engage on many levels but I can’t see a hint of what the spooks are up to.

  18. That's what your neighbours think of you Russia.

  19. And Russia will pay for it 🤣

  20. Enterprising Indians not surprised by this at all.

  21. No matter what policies the Ukrainians use in this regard, they will stand in a massive contrast to the workings of the same policies used by their opponents.

  22. The petition is only 25k signatures out of what 40 million people?

  23. It must be humiliating for Russia to go from the country who sent the first man into space to the country who needs the help of Iran to put together what's basically a model airplane.

  24. Ivan will be the employee of the month at this new facility

  25. Unless they start winning the war in Ukraine, Transnistria is beyond the reach of Russia and the Kremlin. Russia has to fly through Ukrainian/NATO controlled airspace to reach Transnistria or attempt a beach landing in Ukraine (near the Moldovan border) under the threat of Ukrainian artillery and anti-ship missiles and fight their way into Transnistria. If Russia couldn’t even get helicopters 70+ miles into Ukrainian airspace a year ago when the invasion started, then they have even less hope of reaching Transnistria with Ukraine’s significantly improved air defense and SAM sites.

  26. A couple Himars would neatly end this conversation

  27. It’s like they know they are TP fodder…. UAF is likely targeting actual soldiers.

  28. I know everyone says the A10 would be shot down but I don’t think so… UAF can clear out air defenses in specific areas and use this plane to clean out Russian waves of cannon fodder. Just a thought that would be devastating for Mordor

  29. I was hoping for black baby Jesus revival

  30. Well it’s kinda the perfect microcosm of a “conservative utopia”, where they allowed people to over build and strain the resources while also allowing corporate farms move in because “freedom and capitalism” and now they are going to suffer actual consequences from all this “freedom” and naturally they come crying to government to “make things fair”. See conservatives only care about “fairness” when they realize they are the ones under the boot (instead of just licking the boot). It absolutely is a “partisan issue” because they are getting the consequences of their beliefs and maybe, just maybe, they would learn a lesson………. But we know that’s impossible, just like so many conservatives who rely heavily on illegal immigrants labor to turn a profit but still show up at rallies screaming for them “to all get deported!” the only actual belief that conservatives have is “self interest only”, literally anything else is a lie, they only care about themselves.

  31. I think it’s spelled freedum. These people have everything they deserve. Can I point and laugh 😂?

  32. Here is a rusty AK figure out if it works and you already have tampons so you are good to go

  33. I live a bit to the north of Kherson, we have no snow too. Today was a pretty much shinny outside and I had a light jacket on

  34. Glad the UAF removed this destructive Orc machine from your neighborhood! As a American my government just announced another 2 billion in Orc removal equipment. Stay safe there…

  35. Just crazy and it’s freezing

  36. He can get some diapers from his buddy diaper don

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