1. I made sure to put the NC for that very reason.

  2. It seems Reddits worst enemy and “fraud” Elon musk is the only one who can reliably get to and fro space without an absurd budget. And people still cry that spaceX is getting so many government contracts

  3. I'm a big SpaceX fan boy but much less of an Elon Musk fan. I think the fact that SpaceX is a private company has a tremendous effect on their long-term focus. Most public companies are only thinking in terms of the next quarter.

  4. Im pretty sure If they click the file, it will open in whatever the local OS has configured for that file type? No need for a button

  5. If the data were already in a file I could do that. The problem is that the equivelant of a file is sitting in the org's DB as an entry in the AnnotationBase table. I don't know how to pull that out and present to the user in a manner such that they see it and save it to a file.

  6. Anything in the annotationBase table is actually called a ‘note’ in the UI. That note should have a regardingObject column which is the GUID of the row it’s related to. If the end user is looking at that row in the UI, the related child ‘notes’ will show the attached file.

  7. I generated the file via plugin using the following mechanism:

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