1. Yes the plugin has to be in isolation mode none and pull the data from the filtered views. I am also not sure why you would do this because as soon as you go online this solution is no longer usable and will need refactored to use the web api or form context. Why do you want to do this?

  2. The app itself is just a one-off kind of thing with only a few users. I'm converting from an old SharePoint app and need the ability to do a join on two tables as part of my query. I can't see a way to do this with what is included in the SDK. So I'm looking for either an explanation of how to implement a SQL query or a way to join multiple tables within the SDK.

  3. I'm curious about something. In a situation where there are 2 cars, how can the cop get them both?

  4. Are they going to keep saying this every time it launches? Yes, yes they are:

  5. I sure hope that they do. It is not only an amazing feat to reuse it that many times but also to retrieve it (usually in the ocean).

  6. I don't think the problem is with the code. Images or sleep won't help.

  7. Bro (or chica), you helped me to solve the issue. When you talked about the entity being enabled for documents, it reminded me of something. In order to link annotation entity records to another entity, that other entity has to have the "notes" property enabled. Once I did that, it worked. I don't understand the logic behind it nor the cryptic error about the parent not being available, but regardless, I can now move past this pesky bug. Thanks again!!

  8. Since you're on 8.2 on prem, you're limited to using Ribbon Workbench (sorry PowerFx peeps). Create a script that returns a boolean value.

  9. Hey! Kudos for finding a solution that works for you. As long as you document why you chose this solution over the rest and have solid reasoning, nobody can knock you too hard. If you don't mind, I'd like to just offer some constructive criticism of the solution.

  10. Thanks for the response. I appreciate any and all constructive critisism. Although I've been programming for 40+ years, I'll be the first to admit that I'm a novice when it comes to Dynamics. I realize that my solution is likely a hack but the particular solution will is only used by a handful of people who are very needy. So, if they end up breaking it, I'll probably rewrite this piece of the solution. If I have extra time, I may do so anyways.

  11. It looks like the problem was with my JavaScript. The basic exercise was to register a plugin that does nothing other than write to the plugin trace log. The goal was to get the cusom action to fire using the JavaSript. It seems to be working now. The big difference is in my JavaScript now.

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