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  1. NTA. If you're not happy with the default inheritance rules, you write a will. He didn't. Womp womp.

  2. You could, but the killer/survivor will be replaced with a bot. 😎

  3. The bots are way more helpful than someone running self care, urban, and left behind.

  4. the bots slow vault back and forth repeatedly instead of unhooking. the bots repeatedly miss skill checks. they are not helpful.

  5. Last time I played the bots were good at unhooking. Bot mileage may vary

  6. This was clearly documented in the classic, Cinderella.

  7. Save the complaints for the killers camping at 5 gens. Camping during endgame with gates at 99% is a completely different circumstance.

  8. Yeah I make a point to not camp or tunnel before EGC and I don't bring any regression perks yet I still have whiny survivors bitching at me for camping in end game.

  9. Was that the Mikaela's first match playing? Who tf predrops against a legion that isn't even near pallet stun range

  10. As a legion main, i can report that unless its a SWF, there is always one survivor who is predrops reliably who I will sometimes stay with if everyone else is mending just to get them to burn resources early.

  11. I'm mostly tired of players like OP who can't read or figure out how the system works spreading misinformation.

  12. Real question: What the hell happened after the last update that made killer mains so shitty? I’m seeing so many more legions and nurses now than I used to.

  13. It sucked to solo Q so people switched to killer.

  14. I am most people. What are the counters to Clown?

  15. I am not one of them, but I've watched survivors who are just good at missing toss. You can't loop like normal you really have to like be able to watch what the clown is doing and mind game the toss -- get him to throw one way, go another.


  17. Hi! Living kidney donor here. Just going to put in my two cents and move on. Do with it what you will.

  18. Edited below to clarify how HIPAA is relevant

  19. Thats an ignorant comment. They 100% couldn’t tell my BIL that I said I didn’t want to donate because of HIPAA. It’s in all the literature and every one of the doctors who made sure I knew I could back out at any time told me they couldn’t tell the donee why because of HIPAA.

  20. Your comment is correct, but it would be nice if you rewored your original comment, which made it sound like in general HIPAA has a specific provision protecting you from being an unwilling donor.

  21. 100% same. She is a wet blanket, unsupportive friend who rather than being happy her best friend Nancy found love with a cute guy, rains on the parade. I understand she’s just a kid like all of them, and this is just her coping mechanism to the world around her changing in a way she’s uncomfortable with, but if Barb was my friend it would 100% be time to close that chapter of our lives until Barb was more mature. She’s in arrested development “all jocks are dumb” judgmental stage of her life that’s just insufferable.

  22. Steve and his friends are all assholes. Steve snaps out of it after being beat up by Jonathan Byers. But Barb was 100% right avout the type of guy Steve was when Nancy was first dating him.

  23. If survivors brought zero second chance perks or exhaustion and no gen speed perks, I'd love for killer to not bring slow down/regression and not tunnel/camp

  24. As a challenge I've been running no regression perks, and doing no tunneling or camping.

  25. If you have any amount of unsheltered assets that are liquid, you should be covered by liability insurance of some type.

  26. That seems to be a bit much just for a few million. There has to be a claim. The average person doesn't really go around doing activities that would lead to a claim that would survive summary judgment that isn't covered by other insurance like car insurance.

  27. It only takes someone to trip over your foot and claim to be hurt, or even a car accident and you have liability insurance through that, if it has a limit ($100,000 is common), and the lawyer finds out (through disclosure) that you have money, they can sue for any amount for damages for personal injury.

  28. ? A lawyer cannot sue for "any amount of damages". Where are you getting this idea from? Are you a litigator? Are you even a lawyer (I am).

  29. Kinship activates on the person running the perk (pauses their own timer).

  30. This is more helpful in solo Q because others might not know you even have kinship to proc. Reassurance is good because you gift it to someone strategically.

  31. Kinship actually gives a popup to any teammates nearby so they know you have it and can chill before unhooking you

  32. Yeah but they have to be nearby to know. If I'm nearby it's probably because I got off a gen to go rescue you at which point I do not want to chill before unhooking you, I want to unhook you, heal you, and get back to a gen. If you mean it gives me more time to deal with a camping killer, I suppose, but unless another teammate is coming to help we will probably just have to hook trade in which case I wish I had stayed on my gen longer beforehand.

  33. Can confirm, even when I get tunneled a good chunk of the time I last long enough to get the gens done. Tunneling is a coin toss, if they tunnel someone who's really good they get 1 kill and lose the match.

  34. Just had a match today where killer spent whole match chasing a very good looper for 5 gens. Then tried to facecamp but the 3 of us had hooks to spare getting everyone out.

  35. My biggest issue would be that the Duffer brothers obviously want to have a kill-count each season, but they don't want to kill main characters. So instead they introduce new and likable characters with the sole purpose of having them die, while the main cast gets insane plot-armor. (Bob, Alexei, Eddie)

  36. I find if I make sure to be on a gen when the hatch spawns that 80% of the time it spawns next to me. Might be a coincidence but my strategy is to just go be on a gen while the last person is hooked if there's no DMS or pain res or BBQ and I get out by hatch pretty consistently.

  37. I guess but she just completely lost ability to crack jokes and give flack?

  38. I think they did change the character somewhat, but the change is believable. Some people are sassier with people further away from them. Plus she specifically was picking on Steve who by all external superficial measures had fallen from grace -- from King Steve to being rejected by girls as he scoops ice cream. Of course the audience knows he's actually cooler than ever, but to the eye of Robin in the beg of season 3 ag least he was a good target.

  39. Shes pretty far away from Eddie and Nancy, and Steve works at a video store and still cant get a gf yet so dont know whats changed. We know hes cool af

  40. She has no reason to sass Nancy and Eddie who she meets in the middle of an emergency life or death situation and had no reputation for being jerks in high school? Like it'd be sort of weird if she made fun of them.

  41. I hope you realize that's what people who t-bag mid-match want you to do.

  42. I dont change my game play when tbagged in the beg or middle, but after the buff I'm often in a position to 4K if I feel like it. If the survivors were polite and gens were close, I'll let the last 2 go, if not then I'll let the last one go. If it's a mix (clearly solo Q), I kill anyone who tbagged and let the rest go.

  43. Honestly I have yet to see ppl actually do this out of alot of legion games ive played lol. This is the correct answer but RARELY do people not self mend.

  44. It's harder in solo Q when you have no idea where the hell your teammates are unless you allocate a perk to it, but that's a precious toss up against things like sprint burst, BT, Kindred.

  45. If gens are getting cranked out in 5 minutes even with 4 slowdowns, that's a problem with you, not the game. You can run 17 slowdown perks, but if you're not applying pressure and playing in a way to facilitate the slowdown you have, you might as well have 0.

  46. I've been playing with no regression perks at all to focus on basics of pressure and chase.

  47. This is only slightly related but can someone explain to me how a net 2% buff to thana has thrown the community into hating the perk on legion? Sure it can be powerful when ran with pentimento, but, just cleanse it? Idk maybe I'm the dumb one. Am I missing something?

  48. It's the extra gen time on top and legion easily keeps everyone injured.

  49. 30k for a killer match?!?! My survivors DC before they get to second state.

  50. I'm running legion with no thana and I found taking thana off stopped the DCs and give ups.

  51. It took me 5 days to get 2 blinds in one match, I dont know how bully squads do it

  52. NOED is a crutch perk and I don't recommend using it.

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