Dragonsong's Reprise (Ultimate) World Race

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  1. I don’t have a reference handy but it’s pretty non-controversial to say that God gave humans, Homo sapiens, the rational souls.

  2. I will say that would be pretty controversial among the people studying neanderthals and denisovans. Their DNA is in our own genome. Not to mention we have found neanderthal graves laid with flowers, evidence of art for art's sake and inbreeding with homo sapiens and denisovans. Scholars are largely moving towards broadening human to just mean species in the homo genus. We are definitely moving away from the belief that they were stupid cavemen.

  3. Bauble hasn't even been built in the spl yet and its been nerfed? Is it that oppressive in casual games?

  4. This is still something I can't quite wrap my head around. Like, how can you accurately describe to another person how you are (or are not) picturing something in your mind?

  5. You don't have aphantasia, its not a literal image floating in the black, but as long as you "see" something, even if it isnt suoer detailed, you arent completely aphantic(is that the word?) The best question i can think of, is when you read fiction, do you get a sort of daydream in your head with the events taking place. Or id you dont read do you daydream more than dialogue? If so you probably don't have aphantasia.

  6. I don't pay attention to OTK at all, but that finals was fucking hype as fuck. Insane to see new players understand objectives and farming the map that well. Awesome tourney.

  7. Team tectone deserves finals, they've been grinding more than any team.

  8. I doubt it's gonna be as tight as an electric

  9. Soulcalibur characters (especially setsuka) have a lot of just frame moves, it's not as bad as ewgf but definitely takes practice. I imagine its probably going to be closer to soulcalibur than ewgf.

  10. Really good video breakdown on the game. Crazy how much they are letting us see of SF6 this far from launch.

  11. This is the most netrunner magic card art ever. Your artstyle remains one of the coolest I've seen.

  12. Growing up a mixed race Catholic, the absolutely ignorant comments in here don't surprise me. I heard a lot of this garbage growing up. They disappoint me, but it's not surprising.

  13. Y'know I was thinking all the replies to my comment were too level-headed and rational. Thank you for bringing in a truly shit take into the discussion. Really rounds things out. Definitely need an "actually white people are the most oppressed" in the chat.

  14. I was like "Codemasters Cheshire?" So I looked up... This is a developer of Onrush, and was previously Evolution Studios. They have a strong legacy in arcade racing so sounds like a very good fit with Criterion.

  15. Can we just get criterion working on another motorstorm game? Please?

  16. Yeah still sucks for neverland. Other teams have used the same tools in RWF and still got a shout out. NGL I think they deserve the shout out regardless. This article should have come later.

  17. The Players can be happy they don’t get banned. If you are so dumb and streaming breaking the tos. In the past players at least did try to hide it.

  18. No they did not, you can watch many of the same tools being used in TPS and other's kill vids. If you don't get banned for it, and all your competition is using it, why would you not use it? So you can have moral superiority and brag on message boards that you don't use mods? That's literally worthless.

  19. If this subreddit makes Yemoja get a rework I'm gonna cry. She's fine, it's ok to have high skill floor gods in the game.

  20. Tps talks about how that wasn't the case everytime this is brought up. It wasnt that puzzle, but the execution of wormhole that gave second and third place the most trouble.

  21. Very cool that master mode has new moves for the bosses. That's sounds like enough fun to go for another clear.

  22. What's the deal with this? You have to tank LB to save him?

  23. tank lb3 allows you to heal him, and he takes less damage from the spear, healers need to keep him up until the party breaks free from the ring. Then once the ring goes down the party needs to burst down the spear before it casts "pierce" and kills harchefaunt.

  24. Fuck we just cleared part 1 last night, that dps check is already brutal. Now we lose LB and healer dps AND have to dps something new

  25. Yeah it's like 3 hard dps checks in a row with no dps LB. It's brutal.

  26. To be fair, mesotes is one of the stronger lb's. It gives sage monster point control.

  27. What's the tell for the wind, can't figure it out happens so quick.

  28. There is a countdown on the left side of the screen, starting from 30 seconds. It says turbulence detected or something.

  29. The Pld skill intervene seems to be bugged. It says it has a 2s stun, but currently is not doing so.

  30. Why are we still using agnus dei ost for the non ace combat versions?

  31. wait... Morgott is Margit?? They arent just look-alikes?

  32. Nah same voice actor, same club weapon, have some of the same moves and the item margit's shackle works on both of them.

  33. Wow okay. I wonder why he doesnt “die” when we kill him at stormveil then

  34. It probably wasn't his body, multiple npc's and enemies use puppets or corpses as stand ins while they are actually miles away.

  35. I did not like shera through the entire series. However I really like the books that were written from Calder's perspective. I think he is a lot more flawed and his team loses every once in a whlie. To me he is a more three dimensional and interesting character than shera. Plus his crew are all great.

  36. They aren't talking about out of combat speccing, they are talking about how you play the classes. Wow classes have more examples of dancer and bard procced based gameplay, or builder/spender builds than ffxiv does. Your rotations have more randomness and you change what your doing on the fly more often.

  37. I wonder who on the team is into Catholic history, cause he’a not a name you come across often, much less lift his entire book for two JRPG stories.

  38. Whoever is naming the paladin toolkit is who lmao, requiscat, confiteor and the rest.

  39. I saw similar posts to this about fafnir release and many other support releases, all I've learned is that the smite community can't evaluate supports at launch.

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