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  1. You mean to tell me that making something by hand requires different steps when compared to being automated? Huh…

  2. Yes don’t believe everything you see in the internet

  3. You are welcome son, I am like the dad you never had.

  4. It’s ok I have chatgpt now, I can manage to loose a few points

  5. Just don’t fight with her, every time you piss her off she gonna spend the night at her husband house

  6. You and your bf are not compatible. Pick one of us here who don’t see a face. Cough cough

  7. Hey I feel personally attacked by this

  8. This is the reading I can get behind

  9. He could have became king if he wanted too yet he only wanted to be a president and gave up power. Think about that.

  10. If your company is really use data structure on your day to day job then ask a fucking leetcode, if all you do it making a rest call or mapping a orm object, don’t ask a candidate to reverse a LinkedIn or delete a binary nod in a bst.

  11. Doesn’t matter . These clown makes money either way

  12. Nobody.. I repeat nobody can fight boobies temptation

  13. Where is Elon, he might have something to say about that

  14. If you were smart enough to understand how meaningless your life was to your literal masters, I'd pass you a smoke. Fucking chimp, dog, dolphin... it's hubris to decide for other living things what is best for them. Ofc we're not packing rooms of chimps on nicotine timers to study their suffering, but shit if my co-workers can maintain their job, this chimp should be allowed a smoke break.

  15. More pleasure if you do handjobs.. extra finger giving another level of satisfaction

  16. I pick bezos. With all that muscles he can fuck the other 3 guys

  17. Only when the girl you like call you buddy… that is when you know you failed. The rest gives a fuck

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