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  1. Can just record outdoor running on the watch and if you want to switch to trail when imported to strava

  2. Did you get the 1/3 from anywhere or something you just thought of?


  4. Go to costco pharmacy seriously. It’s amazing better than goodrx usually sometimes way better

  5. They have a price estimator on their website and for 80mg a day would cost around $170 a month. Def. cheaper than what OP is being asked to pay, but still a lot of money. There's just no way around this for OP. Accutane is just expensive if you don't have good insurance.

  6. Wish I could just take a picture of the score card

  7. Scorecard is just a piece of paper where you write things 😅

  8. It has the yardage and the map of the holes on there as well

  9. Yep I used to write my clubs used for shots on it too

  10. If you start walking it’ll take much longer to get home and to that awesome feeling of accomplishment, which also won’t be as great if you walk.

  11. I’ve always got the farmed salmon but recently tried the steelhead because it was almost half price. Tastes the same and apparently even healthuer

  12. EX! About $30,000 including tax and registration fees.

  13. Sweet! 2019 EX here. Awesome car congrats

  14. Yup callaway is on it. Even with abnormal lie angles and grip choices…got here quick

  15. Look up SagutoGolf on YouTube. He's a little, quirky in the sense, but the way he teaches has helped me a lot! Been watching his videos for 3 weeks now. I have a divot board and notice more ball then turf shots. Went to the range last week and got me hitting my 7i 160+

  16. Cool thanks. Had a lesson last week and was kinda overwhelming we went through about 25 drills and hit balls for longer than I have In A long time

  17. Yea I took 6 lessons last year. The guy was nice, but the way he was describing the form was a little overwhelming as well. Nothing came naturally, he had me thinking way too much in my swing especially in the down swing.

  18. Thanks you too may you find some low scores

  19. Parkrun is amazing. I'll only do a couple of major city runs a year now. Will still do a few local events, but Parkrun has almost everything I want in a race

  20. I just learned about this on YouTube - Mark Lewis.

  21. So are you saying this has sugar substitutes?

  22. Ingredients. As far as health/waistline goes I believe the sugar substitutes are better for you than white cane sugar

  23. Having the expectation to always keep my shit together. Being vulnerable is a weakness. Failing is not an option. Provide regardless of the state of your overall health.

  24. Yes, but I would even say that failing is the wrong word.

  25. Anybody have a good Spotify playlist?

  26. Anybody have any recommendations for tequila sold at Costco?

  27. Call the office and explain the situation

  28. I’ve been using my CarPlay so far. It’s just disappointing to know the car has no gps lol

  29. CarPlay is awesome. Way better than any car nav

  30. I’ll still get a tesla one day but yeah this car is amazing and very affordable

  31. I’ll never own a Musk car. But I might spring for an e-Mustang next.

  32. Price gouging right off the highway the other day when I was at 0 range

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