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  1. Second Banh Mi Cali for the traditional banh mi dac biet.

  2. There used to be one on OBT. It was pretty sketch lol.

  3. Pizza Xtreme may be the closest thing we have to NY pizza. I think they close early though, since they're usually packed for lunch.

  4. Yes. Together with HMVV and MLRS. And NOD has the T62 and Apache.

  5. As a German, the thing that bothered me about the civil war plotline was that every country in the world except the US would have had SRA since at least the 70's, if not earlier.

  6. Yes, there’s dialogue right before the mock battle where they’re trash talking. Chisato asks how Fuki can be a First if she doesn’t even know her ex partner (Takina) well. Fuki asks if Chisato’s uniform is just for decoration (since there used to be only 1 Lycoris at Chisato’s branch, so having a First is sort of moot).

  7. Right, but you gotta clean the machine properly or it won't clean the dishes properly.

  8. Restaurants have maintenance contracts for these machines

  9. If the building is not brand new, where do the put the wash area? Additions to the building?

  10. I mean, your job won't pay for them, but you sure as shit can claim those expenses on your taxes.

  11. Can people no longer claim work expenses on their taxes?

  12. Only a very limited number of people can now, after the Republicans passed their tax plan in 2017.

  13. You need to go to bubalous in altamonte its the best bbq

  14. There's one just north of Universal

  15. I've been told there's a good hole-in-the-wall Mexican restaurant super close to Universal, but I have no idea what the name of it is.

  16. Well anecdotally, I live near an airport and used to get crime reports. Almost every single day there was someone caught with a firearm. I thought it was maybe not securing it properly in checked luggage but nope, it's idiots forgetting they have it and bringing it though security... How? How stupid are these people

  17. A president presides. It doesn't have to mean that they're democratically and fairly elected.

  18. We used to do drills called “suicides” in practice. I’m betting a coach would be instantly fired for using such provocative language in today’s brittle world.

  19. The military calls it the beep test. Are they brittle?

  20. Only most of the time. I’ll go for Aashirwad, Hanamizuki, Cafe Tu Tu Tango, Half Barrel Beer Project, the cinemark theater, and true IMAX at pointe Orlando.

  21. What do you mean by true IMAX?

  22. Looks to be a shortened version, but that’s it, thanks!

  23. Their ramen and that style of curry is Americanized Japanese food, though the buns are Americanized Chinese/Taiwanese food.

  24. Succulents Empire in Ivanhoe Village is hosting a new market inside their warehouse.

  25. No, it’s case in point. The case has been made in this point.

  26. Have you ever gone to a Hot Pot restaurant before? U&Me is on Apopka Vineland, closer to Disney than Universal. But its gimmick is the veggies and noodles pass by your table on a conveyor belt and a robot brings you to your table and drops off drinks and deserts.

  27. 9 Spices Hotpot is better and is just north of Universal.

  28. Haven't tried 9 Spices, but would it qualify as a "tourist trap?" That's what the OP was asking for.

  29. 9 Spices still has the conveyor belt gimmick, though I guess the giant gift shop next to U&Me adds more to the tourist trap feel.

  30. Also a new biogas facility to turn food waste into energy

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