1. read my edit. I explained why tik Tok is different from other social media platforms. and OF COURSE older people are also susceptible to radicalization (and it's used on other platforms) but they aren't the target. The specific target of these groups are young men.

  2. oh my gosh I feel like a middle schooler teacher. read the part after this! About China owning tik tok.

  3. ...I did. I specifically quoted the paragraph that you were wrong about in my previous response and you completely ignored that and said "no no, read the paragraph after that!" The stuff about China owning tiktok are the same old talking points we've heard a million times but your claim that tiktok is much worse than other social media platforms because of its "virality" (something you haven't defined) and because the other platforms are supposedly more regulated are not true.

  4. I think maybe you'd like Emily Henry, her style is closer to literary fiction than that of some other popular romance authors imo. People We Meet On Vacation is friends-to-lovers and part of it (though not much) has a college setting.

  5. Gaten Matarazzo has cleidocranial dysplasia. Keira Knightley's dyslexic, and so is Orlando Bloom. Steven Spielberg is too -- I think he was diagnosed at age 60

  6. yeah I really feel the technical aspects of the show fly under-the-radar. in general visual effects that are supposed to show magic can often look cheesy but I always thought Alina's sun powers actually look cool!

  7. Not sure what I think but I will say that the Kieran Culkin interview where he named Connor as the most evil person on the show is really interesting, especially his description of Willa and Connor's relationship. I'm curious how the wedding will go because I get strong vibes from that interview that Kieran knows things about their relationship that viewers don't yet and will possibly find out during S4. It also never would have occurred to me to put Connor as the most evil but I think he was right in the sense that Connor benefits from hiding behind some veneer of 'I'm just a conflict-averse, go-with-the-flow guy on a ranch who wants to stay out of it all, don't get mad at me' but in reality he's just as bad as the rest (far worse if op's right).

  8. I think that many of that comes from the personal morality of the actor rather than anything else, i mean, there are people who put that behaviour as the most evil, other put Shiv behaviour with the witness and the whole withewash of the cruises, others put Kendall about how allowed the cover up of the dead waiter.

  9. Yeah that could definitely be it! Everyone has their personal line in the sand. People usually don't put Connor as most evil though, which is why I think it stood out to me. All the other options and things you list, for example, seem so much at-first-glance worse than just how Connor has treated Willa that it wouldn't even have occurred to me as an answer, which makes me think I missed something in their relationship/underestimated him by treating Con as a joke.

  10. I love this show so much, but I’m glad this is the last season. As unique as the writing and dialogue is, I don’t think I could take a 5th season without it feeling like parody.

  11. yeah Sarah Snook explicitly said in one of her interviews that it was smart to end something before it became a parody of itself, which I thought was sharp

  12. totally agree on Ms. Marvel being under-appreciated

  13. She did explicitly talk about after her parents divorced when she was 4, she lived with her mom and was unable to keep in touch with her Muslim side.

  14. Honestly I have complete faith in these writers, so I'm not worried

  15. I felt something, do you live in a mega city by any chance?

  16. Someone in the video's youtube comments section said that this cast's friendship is so genuine, they make other cast interviews seem desperately awkward in comparison....and they were totally right.

  17. Regardless of the language certain people use, calling them "sex-workers" does nothing to diminish the realities and stigma these women will face. Girls and women being given "opportunities" by creepy men is not the way to advance their rights and opportunities.

  18. Calling people who work that way 'sex workers' is important because it's a step away from the derogatory language that has been used to criminalize and dehumanize them in the past. Acknowledging that there is a transaction of labor involved also opens up avenues for protection for them as workers. I find it really ironic that you seem to take issue with the language used here while also saying that it won't reduce their stigma, because language like 'sex workers' was literally introduced for the purpose of reducing the stigma around their work and building a safer reality for them.

  19. I don't think sex work has anything to do with happiness or empowerment. It's highly dangerous work and the people who engage in it are highly vulnerable. That's exactly why I don't think it's helpful to use dehumanizing, stigmatizing, or misogynistic language to refer to them. Frankly I'm not sure how this is so contentious unless you seriously think derogatory terms like 'hookers' or 'whores' are an acceptable way to refer to people who engage in sex work -- 'prostitute' carries a stigma with it too.

  20. Yeahhhhhh you realize those were TERFs, right? I understand the Korean feminist movement is in a different place from the west, but the last thing the US needs right now is a TERF revival. Bad enough that it’s infiltrated the UK.

  21. I see a lot of anti-sex worker, anti-porn and anti-kink rhetoric on this sub, and a lot of people on this sub who have openly stated themselves to be radfems or endorse radfem positions....which is probably why you got heavily downvoted, and which is also a shame since you're absolutely right, transphobia has always been entangled with radical feminism. It still is today. I feel like the people complaining about this never bothered to think about what the acronym of TERF stood for, which is almost hilarious.

  22. aren't literary movements conventionally defined/studied post facto? genuine question as i'm hardly an expert in intellectual literary history

  23. Not knowing either of them or the circumstances, I can imagine she may be hard to live with.

  24. It seems kind of sexist to immediately assume she was the problem.

  25. I get where you're coming from, and I wasn't trying to be sexist; however, she and Ryan Phillippe divorced due to "irreconcilable differences," which is intentionally ambiguous. Then there's her arrest for disorderly conduct when they got pulled over (and if you've heard the audio, she's very much in the wrong). Plus, she's had issues with some costars (such as Vince Vaughn in Four Christmases).

  26. Fair enough! I don't really know much about either of them. I do know that Ryan Phillippe is a sketchy guy who had an emergency protective order put up against him by one of his ex-girlfriends because he was violent with her, so I'm inclined to think that divorce wasn't because she was being difficult, either. But like I said, I don't know much about either relationship.

  27. I think it makes more sense in the context of Jules's special when she said she didn't want to look to men for validation of her femininity anymore. Euphoria S2 was supposed to represent a backwards slide for all the characters I think, and Jules couldn't really follow through on that sentiment and turned to Elliot since Rue wasn't really available to her in the way she needed. And while I'm really rooting for Rue/Jules, I don't think they were a great couple in S1 or S2 given their codependency and then the way Rue lied to Jules about being sober.

  28. I think we're in for a great last season but I'm starting to strongly suspect Logan won't die this season, which is an interesting artistic choice. I just feel like if he'd died this season then the question of future seasons would have been more obviously in jeopardy to everyone working on it.

  29. The worst bit being that they would say that, and then they actually wouldn’t like it at all. Unless they thought she was hot.

  30. in that case we'd get GQ thinkpieces about how men are suffering from this novel phenomenon of sexual objectification/harassment, has anyone heard of it?

  31. I loved s1! I'll always remember the total shock of the way the first episode ended and the elevator scene. David Tennant played a great villain.

  32. 🙄 not every fleeting feeling needs to make sense and be backed up by facts and figures and sources.

  33. I wasn't demanding facts and figures and sources! just made a passing comment myself about a misconception I often see. they clarified they don't have that which is helpful, but the general sentiment that we should slash arts/humanities funding is actually a popular goal for conservatives and so it's one that bothers me if I think people are taking it seriously -- thankfully not the case here.

  34. I actually didn't mean to (or actually, I think?) introduce two-party thinking here so not sure how to respond to that, but if we're talking about poverty/homelessness and how to reduce it, that's automatically a political discussion, or at least one with political ramifications. I was replying to another comment that brought up those topics.

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