1. I was in a creative slump due to depression, but started writing fanfic again because of the show. That’s gradually getting me back into other writing as well.

  2. From my understanding, they were harassing her because she tweeted sympathy that the queen of England died and said good things about her. Twitter skews heavily towards anti-monarchy. I understand the sentiment, but the backlash seemed disproportionate

  3. That pissed me off too - they bullied her all day over and opinion they didn’t share. People are still screenshotting her tweets to try to rip them apart. It’s sick.

  4. He’s so adorable. I want to cuddle him

  5. Me too. It’s be a shame to cover up those dimples :)

  6. Piña Coladas led me to (1) get Twitter because AO3 wasn't updating fast enough, (2) start reading other SMAUs because I was already there so why not, then (3) download Discord solely so I could see the "push" advising that it's finished updating for the day so I don't have to keep refreshing.

  7. I’ve done all but the Discord for the same reason

  8. I think he’s teasing - he did an episode of Bloods with Samson Kayo, so I kinda think this is from preparing for that

  9. I was never a shoulders gal before I saw Rhys' but SWEET LORD ABOVE.

  10. Nicely done! You really got his eyes, in addition to everyone else’s more perceptive comments :)

  11. Hey! He only carries the normal amount of guns, alright?? Just one gun, and one knife!

  12. Nor would I - I freaking love BCS, and She-Hulk is so fun!

  13. pirates may have been dangerous criminals, but the people making the laws back then were way more fucked up. the worst things people did were perfectly legal

  14. It is! I much prefer imagining the Rhys version sailing off into the sunset with the Taika Blackbeard, and living happily ever after.

  15. I nearly forgot this cartoon existed 😂

  16. My parents would make fun of me if I cried, or make it out to be an overreaction, so I stopped crying where anyone could see me to the point that I took pride in never crying. It took SO MUCH THERAPY to be able to cry around people again.

  17. I really liked that one! Just read it a few days ago :)

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