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  1. Amazing. Is the Sip N Bite still in the corner? The Pear Tree? Ima Cabbagetown boy (Metcalfe St) but moved in 99.

  2. I spent a boat load of time at the Pear Tree. The owner was a nice man. He let me sit in that window seat (chain smoking unfortunately) drinking a bottomless cup of coffee for most of the early 90s. The Sip and Bite was across (but same side of the street) as the No Frills. I’m a painter and the very first gallery I ever showed in was the Here and Now Gallery up near the dance company.

  3. Sponsorship deals cost them nothing in comparison to the CRO rewards they pay out, plus it bring in TONS more people, which increases demand (and therefore value) of CRO.

  4. I have a nice little Ruby card and I'm happy with it, but you just described a pyramid scheme.

  5. None of us can afford rent or food anymore...or both. It's becoming insane here.

  6. Can you imagine how unaffordable it would all be if every employer had to pay living wage?!

  7. Can you imagine how unaffordable everything would be if every employer didn't pay a living wage?

  8. Do you think Loblaws Paying a living wage to all employees in Toronto will not be immediately reflected by increased prices?

  9. Fucking A. I lived in Spain for a couple years and got to experience their health care system first hand. If more Americans cared to or had the opportunity to see for themselves just how much better healthcare is in other countries I feel as though a lot of attitudes would change. Universal healthcare alone makes a world of difference in peoples happiness. I felt as though nobody was super stressed because you could work an unskilled job, still pay rent, afford a night or two out during the week and not worry about an accident or illness financially ruining you. Everyone deserves that opportunity but there are so many responsible Americans who don’t get to enjoy that life style

  10. It depends on what you’re into. I’m an outdoors person and love Vancouver; I was bored out of my mind when I lived in Toronto.

  11. I'm an outdoors person and I love Toronto, but I guess it depends on what you're into and how willing you are to search it out.

  12. Sure, compared to other boring Canadian cities we might be fun (Montreal excluded), but compare Toronto to just about any other major international city and our fun is regulated to within an inch of our lives. Other cities let their hair down and enjoy life, we create bylaws just in case some fun breaks out.

  13. We have signs in dead-end residential streets that outlaw "Ball Playing"

  14. I'm at Yonge & Bloor and love biking through Rosedale Valley + Bayview to the Distillery, etc. Where would you recommend accessing the ravine from near me?

  15. Thanks a lot for taking the time to write that up, will definitely check these routes out! I'm assuming I'd need at least hybrid tires to navigate most of these paths?

  16. Generally, you'll need hybrid for the Milkman's lane to brickworks, and any of the yellow creek / Kay Gardiner trails.

  17. I he tells the city our bike lanes are total shit and in an embarrassing state of repair. They certainly don’t care when I report it.

  18. I visited LA for work when Rob Ford was in office. I did a bike tour of the city and it was pretty cool.

  19. Wouldn't this be more like "God bless CAMH and the institutions related to mental health in this city"?

  20. If you think having to change lanes is endangering your life, you're just not cut out to cycle in this city. Full stop.

  21. Okay, well build your magic utopia fueled by peace and understanding because that's the only place it's ever going to be completely safe to ride on a road. Using the road takes skills, knowledge and attention, if you're not able to rise to the basic competency then you shouldn't be on the road because you're a danger to yourself and everyone.

  22. Imagine living in a place where the only way to get footage of the accident is to drive around the block multiple times to capture it on your dash cam.

  23. The police literally do not care about cyclists. They were ticketing them for going faster than 20 down Colborne Lodge for Christ's sake.

  24. If comfortable on roads: Dundas/Kingston/Lawrence/Port Union/Sheppard/Meadowvale

  25. Your option is just as good with the new bus lanes, a little more hilly. The route north over the 401 on Port Union is quiet, relatively speaking. Not a whole lot of vehicular traffic coming from the south and it's easy to take the lane there.

  26. Fair enough. I did use to take Lawrence when I first started cycling, as it was my connection to the Rouge Waterfront trail, and it was a pretty nice ride for the most part!

  27. I will always post this: my friend had a crappy bike with a seat he picked out from a dumpster. Parked in YORKVILLE for 3 hours, the seat is gone.

  28. Far away from others to not warrant wearing one. Don’t be that guy.

  29. I only drive drunk when there aren't many other drivers on the roads.

  30. A mask and those examples you gave aren’t similar. Your arguments are poor by design. You’re missing conditionals, and scarecrowing my point. I wont be giving you another response. All the best.

  31. That's my thinking too. Get our city councillors, law enforcement, etc, to ride on the roads, during rush hour, tell them to use the full lane, so they can fully experience how horrifying it can be without proper infrastructure.

  32. I think it's just a tight labour market and a shitty job so they need to pay more to attract people.

  33. I didn't think of that. Good point, hopefully they have a similar website!

  34. My second ride of the season (Downtown to Port Credit and back). Red pickup truck with commercial plates did a close pass.Me and my riding buddy agree that there was less an 1 metre there. Definitely felt it when it went close. I also have the license plate (thank you go pro).

  35. Man this sucks. Sorry this happened. I took the lane for almost all of my ride today because of similar recent experiences. Some people will close pass regardless, though.

  36. Are you seriously asking Reddit something that city inspection engineers get paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to ensure?

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