1. Actually looking at these again it looks like the phone is held up just by the lightening dongle so I feel like this could easily break using the phone while it’s sitting there. Kinda crazy they made something without any real phone support.

  2. I’ve had one. It’s pretty cool and how it works is sweet.

  3. Is it sturdy enough to use the device while on the stand regularly? Thanks!

  4. You could try and see if would. It’s a long shot though, but they’re gonna be a reliable source.

  5. Are voices about 20db lower than they normally would be?

  6. In Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd, during the beginning guitar intro you can hear David Gilmour hock a loogie.

  7. It sucks when I drive up to a pump that someone has parked at and I can’t see that it’s blocked off….. and I wait… and wait…. So; absolutely; put that cone BEHIND your truck if you do that

  8. Press up, down and then hold power until the phone restarts.

  9. You need the official lightning to 3.5mm cable from Apple directly. But there is no latency as far I can tell.

  10. It is. Once you’re used to higher end headphones, you’ll notice differences.

  11. Faster charging increases heat, which kills batteries. Then you’d be upset because your battery didn’t last 2 years.

  12. You are looking at the treble frequency only there bud. Here’s a complete graph

  13. Posts a TREBLE frequency graph instead of the entire thing. On a headphone that’s generally well received by reviewers across the board. With a headphone that has an adaptive EQ.

  14. That’s not software related. Two things could cause this.

  15. He’s a troll as he also posted a bashing post about the Max.

  16. Something is either wrong with them, or you. Take them to Best Buy and try and get help, or to Apple if one is nearby to see if they can teach you how to pair them.

  17. I hate the domes on headphones. They fall inside my ear canals and I have to get my mom to pull it out with tweezers. What would I have to do to remove it if I was living by myself?

  18. The tips don’t fall off if properly attached to the AirPod. I’ve never had one do that.

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