1. Sadly I live in Canada, Quebec. And I’m not doing anything which could cause harm to it I’m just trying to slowly fix it.

  2. I wouldn't say "sadly". Most Canadian physicians would be foreskin friendly.

  3. I can fit one cotton tipped stick at the moment

  4. I have a couple of friends I wished were like you. Unfortunately, even though they were not cut themselves, they still decide to circumcise their child, just because they were "afraid that their sons would be bullied in school." As someone mentioned, circumcision rates in America are dropping so it is a stupid reason to do it. They decide not to tell me until after they had done it. I told them they better be prepared to explain and apologize if their sons question their circumcision.

  5. In addition to being a weak reason, it's an outdated one. The social implications that might have been there 25 and 30+ years ago aren't a thing anymore. Many more boys aren't circumcised these days. Hopefully someday soon we coincide with most of the rest of the world and pretty much abandon it altogether!

  6. He’s not going to be different, because more and more people are choosing to keep their sons intact too. Also I was born during a time, when being circumcised was the norm and I was always the one uncut person around and nobody gave me problems. It depends on where you live, because some parts the the USA don’t care.

  7. Are.....I'm not sure what you're asking. Phimosis is when you can't retract the skin at all...either when hard, or when both hard and soft.

  8. No, my phimosis isn't severe, it just has a little extra skin that is thick, when I pull it it just doesn't stay retracted, not that I can't pull it back

  9. Well...I mean you must kind of remember what the development progression was of you and your peers at that age?

  10. It was just barely above 0C here last week and my neighbor’s kids were playing outside in shorts, T-shirts, and barefoot for multiple hours. I see them run around barefoot all of the time, it’s amazing how resilient they are.

  11. I'm not any sort of health care professional. I can't say how urgent your situation is...but that doesn't look right. How long ago was your surgery?

  12. Would you think stretching flaccid at the start make it quicker?

  13. Work on it only when flaccid for a while...until it begins to loosen up. It can get "hung up" with an erection if the skin isn't elastic enough yet!

  14. Yeah more eventually joined and we still all shower and strip nude around each other no problem

  15. Always kind of refreshing for older guys to see or hear about younger guys who are prisoner to the excessive modesty that's common these days!

  16. Ok that's pretty common and not concerning at your age. Just continue to gently stretch and pull down on it to loosen it up more. This routine will help also:

  17. FYI. Downtown Nashville Y is undergoing a renovation. The half that had the locker rooms-showers (group and private), steam and sauna has been closed. They have made a super pathetic attempt at a temporary locker room that has about 6 showers with curtains and maybe 10 lockers? Then, they have a bunch more lockers out on the weight floor (not sure exactly how that is supposed to work). I‘m afraid the communal shower set up at the Downtown Y is a thing of the past. I saw part of the plans for the new area (to be finished in 1.5 yrs). It showed the new pool area with ”family” lockers, steam, shower, sauna. I couldn’t see the complete plans….so didn’t see what the men’s locker room would be like when finished. Just think everything is going towards “family” style. Which is a pain, because you have to wear clothes to steam/sauna and not just a towel.

  18. Well..."family" locker/shower rooms are (or were originally?) intended for parents with younger opposite gender children.

  19. Ahh….not sure what the proper name is/would be for this new set up. But, yes…I think it’s meant for everyone to share regardless of age/gender. So….swimsuits/clothing would be required. I’ll pass the info along to clintdilfer. Thanks

  20. Sounds like an impractical setup to handle large numbers of people at the same time!

  21. Well I am comfortable, I'm just worried I'd go nude and no one else does or I wear shorts and no one else does lol I'm overthinking it

  22. I would definitely consider guy(s) who enter a shower with shorts on to be the odd ones dude. The only time I've seen that is at a pool, and guys are coming in from swimming, and their shorts are already wet. And they typically take them off once they get in there.

  23. I'm in grade 9 but yeah I'll be prepared

  24. That was the year they started having the showers available for us also. They were optional, but before long a number of guys would if there was vigorous activity for pe that day. I eventually did also...I was overly modest at first but envious of guys who weren't and resolved to overcome it.

  25.'s a popular thing to get done around that age in the Philippines. That's not the only place it happens though! Sorry to hear they subjected you to that.

  26. 15 is a little young to really start paying attention to that? But he's probably trying to get you to establish good habits for later on in life, when it is. Like, changes in feeling/appearance, lumps, etc like in your testicles?

  27. Is it important for men to shower together. No. But there are times that it happens. Been in the military? I was for 4 years at 18. Guess what... your first day and you are crammed into a shower with 50 other naked guys. And I mean crammed. Was it awkward, yell yes. It was for everyone and I bet half of us were not remotely prepared for that. Get deployed in the middle of a desert for six months and you showering in front of everyone sometimes two or three times a day.

  28. A stint in the military kills any semblance of modesty a person has, I'm sure!

  29. Modesty goes out the door day one. No time to think about it, you just did it. And if you were not fast enough, you got yelled at.

  30. I've heard sometimes you were yelled at even if you were fast enough!

  31. Going barefooted is part of the Kiwi identity. Don't let Western/American influence creep in and take it away!

  32. 😅 This is a very good point, especially seeing as a lot of guys are afraid that they're not big enough.

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