1. I expect that he'll be good at blindsiding the QB and scoring some crits.

  2. Aaron Maybin--guy had a stellar season for us in 2008 and rode that wave into the NFL. I remember everyone at the time thinking he was undersized and needed to bulk up to be an NFL DE... and that panned out exactly as expected. Guy just got manhandled by pretty much every tackle he was up against.

  3. This was the first guy I thought of too. I was surprised when he declared because he was pretty small. Thought he could use another year of beefing up before going to the NFL.

  4. Some movie studio could make him a deal to chronicle his career. Maybe even cast Adam Sandler as Bobby Boucher.

  5. Tales of Symphonia, Tales of Xillia 1&2, and Hunter: The Reckoning Wayward.

  6. Mikumari from Xenosaga 2. You need a pretty specific build and some luck to win. Also, the thing looks creepy.

  7. The reason the cap exists is to thwart bots that buy expansion items as soon as they are put up for sale. If the cap is removed, no one will be able to buy expansion items because bots will horde them all. Things can be a lot worse than an 80/day cap.

  8. First one I thought of as well. I thought Northwestern's offense would be vicious with him, but it didn't happen.

  9. Holy crap isn't this the guy who played Finn in the Star Wars sequels?

  10. Like you, I played through XIII and thought it was all right, and I thought XIII-2 was an improvement in gameplay and characters, although I don't generally like time travel plots. I had bought LR, played the tutorial, and then put it down. It was so different from the other XIII games, it felt more like an action-fighter game than an RPG, which wasn't what I was looking for. But a year or so later, I tried it again, and I was hooked. I had so much fun, even though I was controlling only one character over just a few locations. Ended up with a plat.

  11. All the Land Grant Trophy needs is a rad 80s hair metal track to go along with the lasers to complete the trophy.

  12. I could not care less about two elderly boomers yelling at each other. This season can't come soon enough.

  13. I can't believe they didn't announce that they were going to make an announcement about an upcoming announcement.

  14. The obvious solution is to have them all shadowed and protected by Ron Simmons.

  15. Battle Chasers: Nightwar was a pleasant find. It's turn based, has good art and music, a good's worth the couple of bucks.

  16. If anyone was doing that, hopefully they know that the farm visitors don't ask for jewelry products.

  17. Ooh, I wanted to play both Soul Calibur and Blasphemous! Lucky month.

  18. Same here, I am hyped. Been looking forward to playing these.

  19. I hear you. I got a dog, thinking it would chase off the foxes on my farm, but that didn't happen. So since I can't remove the dog, I just leave it behind some decorations and I don't feed it so that it sleeps for months on end.

  20. It's awesome to open the paper during this event and see no rustic bouquets, cloche hats, or berry smoothies.

  21. Chocolate. Tying up one machine for over 20 hours to make just one Chocolate bar is crazy.

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