[Charania] Breaking: Brooklyn Nets All-Star Kyrie Irving has requested a trade, league sources tell @TheAthletic @Stadium. The franchise has been informed that Irving prefers to move on ahead of the Feb. 9 trade deadline – or will leave in free agency in July.

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  1. Just for shits and giggles I decided to click on that link and give it a look. You are not kidding. There is absolutely no contrition or introspection in that sub. It’s a whole lot of “even if we did cheat everyone else is just sore losers”.

  2. Got some good players: Rodrigo / Gnonto / Meslier / Harrison / Sinistera - but we're never signing anyone ever again.

  3. Is Wet Leg cool to hate or something?

  4. Every Wet Leg thread has a bunch of people being like “I don’t get how they’re popular” which like, fair enough if you don’t like them personally, but they are a band that combines post punk sounds with pop sensibilities and have ridiculously catchy hooks and funny/personality-filled lyrics. It makes total sense why they’re popular

  5. I hate life. City will win the league again, starting to get boring! As long as we end up top 4 it’s a huge win for us tbh

  6. We held City to a draw as well so they really only picked up a point on you in that way

  7. Those commercials gave me brain rot, I can hear them after reading this.

  8. That’s what they want. Every time someone comments WHOPPER WHOPPER WHOPPER on Reddit/Twitter, even when complaining, it’s free advertising

  9. Is anyone else excited to see what Sean Dyche can do? In one week he has solidified the spine of the team and brought a renewed mental strength we had been sorely lacking. Felt a little like Dogs of War today. Myko/Coleman and Iwobi/McNeil were brilliant shutting down the threat of Saka and Martinelli/Trossard on the wings. Tarkowski MOTM for me but Onana put in an absolutely massive shift as well.

  10. Ew, not Lux actually kind of gaslighting Malaysia. 💀

  11. Yeah I’m not living for this at all, Luxx deciding that Malaysia’s feelings are incorrect is so so bad

  12. I have a question , at this point what do you make him train ? Pace or something else ?

  13. Depends if you want him to be AM (R) or ST. If striker, his heading could definitely use some work. If winger, his crossing is a bit lower than his other stats.

  14. I am guessing they don't want the "judges" who decide whether the team or player value is better to come in with preconceived notions

  15. This is a good reminder that anytime Kyrie is quiet for a while he's just building his meter to unleash that ultimate.

  16. All of the benefits of living in the US late 20th century - ample jobs, access to/being center of pop culture, etc - have been completely obliterated in 20 years

  17. I frankly don’t know where else Iwobi slots in a 4-4-2, but you’re correct that it’s not great for McNeil or Gray. That being said, we literally have no other options.

  18. I hear AnCo on "Sink or Swim," M83 on "Tell Somebody," and Portishead on "Geronimo." But their baseline sound is very unique and those tracks are kind of the exceptions IMO.

  19. Statistically, not as miserable as the people who demand this sort of thing be put in games.

  20. Where the fuck did all these people come from that are ruining entertainment?

  21. I actually know one of the boys who was on the show, our parents were friends and made us hang out, he was actually super nice, he ended up joining our boyscout troop.

  22. Yeah I also knew a girl who was on the show (met her like 6 or 7 years post-show) and she said it was wild

  23. Call me a pessimist but even if we stay up this year, won’t the people who led us to this point still be untouched and allow the rot that’s infested this club to fester even worse? Let’s say Dyche actually achieves with this broken squad, we’re gonna get the same half assed/Lame transfer policy and when we inevitably fire him for a poor run of form, the incompetent board and owner will just find another scapegoat and the merry go round will continue.

  24. After two years of being on the precipice of relegation, Moshiri and Usmanov will see that this could ruin them financially. There best option business wise will be to bail out and sell

  25. PS5->PlayStation Store->Collections->Scroll Down to 'The PS Plus Collection'->Scroll to the Right to 'View All'->Take all 19 games.

  26. Thinking about starting a public eulogy site where it can be some what of a repository for people to host their memories of their loved ones that has passed, do you guys think it will be meaningful or out of touch?

  27. I think it would be meaningful, but I do think has a similar feature already

  28. One step forward two steps back. Got Rafi, lost Xander and three of our SP, but did improve bullpen from what was a bottom 5 ERA so I guess we'll just lose games in the first 5 instead of the last 3 innings

  29. I honestly really like what we did. Giving Xander an 11 year deal where our window doesn’t really open back up until he’s 33ish would have been tough. Plus, he does already have a lot of mileage on him

  30. But if Juventus don’t trigger the clause and won’t buy Kean anyway, we may as well have him back now.

  31. I thought that too, but some are now saying it’s dependent on Champions League qualification?

  32. Holy shit. If Juve's transfer dodginess and subsequent points penalty means that they will get out of having to buy Kean, and we'll get stuck with him again, I'll genuinely be convinced I'm living in the 7th circle of hell

  33. Fucking go back with a counter. We have 40 mil that we didnt have two days ago. Use it to sign him

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