1. Fighters at this level don't scare, it just makes them more cautious. The Serra loss made GSP fight safer too.

  2. It’s funny you bring up GSP, since he’s specifically admitted to having been scared before his fights. Plenty of other MMA and boxing guys have said the same too.

  3. Next Houston home game is the same weekend as the Astros opening weekend and both will have Saturday afternoon games at roughly the same time. Curious to see how that affects things.

  4. I mean... he's got a point. Jones would be an absolute pariah in any other mainstream sport.

  5. The biggest sport in America, the NFL, is absolutely littered with scumbags like Jones.

  6. Of course. But if they're caught doing something bad, they usually get the book thrown at them. Look at Ray Rice.

  7. The NFL originally tried to suspend Rice for only 2 games even after they had seen the video of him beating his fiancée. It was only when the video leaked out to the public that they got pressured into doing more.

  8. On the most recent episode of Talkin Baseball, Trevor Plouff says that using the video room to decode signs had been around before, and almost everyone did it. I think the sticking point is that the Astros got caught doing it in real time. Am I missing something?

  9. The White Sox were stealing signs and relaying them in real time using lights on the scoreboard way back in the 80s, all under Hall of Famer LaRussa. What the Astros did wasn’t unique at all, despite what idiots like Jomboy claim.

  10. Unpopular opinion, but 49-46 isn’t the terrible score people think it is. I personally had it 3-1 Islam through 4, but 4-0 wasn’t out of the question. Volk put up an amazing fight and could have won it on another night. And his stock rose even more with this fight. But you don’t get extra points for doing better than expected.

  11. Maybe. I was pulling for Volk but conceded that he lost prior to the decision being read. I thought it was 3-2, but maybe I was too in the moment haha.

  12. I had it 3-2 also, but I just don’t think 4-1 is incompetent or corrupt like people are saying.

  13. Exactly. Volk put up an excellent fight but you don’t get extra points for doing better than expected.

  14. I know it sounds ridiculous to say after that absolute beatdown, but Andrade basically had her chin pointing up at the ceiling when throwing those bombs. Part of it might have been knowing Murphy had no power, but that’s a bad habit to keep an eye on in future fights.

  15. The tunnel club must mean the golden nugget lounge located in the tunnel. They have snacks and drinks there. I don’t think the Rockets do a pre loaded card or anything. You just get lounge passes.

  16. Should’ve been pulled after walking fucking Seby Zavala

  17. On the brink of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory

  18. Conor Mcgregor says he was beating Khabib before he got tapped out and has no reason to lie.

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