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  1. Look at Kimbombo Cuban recipes. It calls for wine and either chicken or steak broth and green plantains, also cloves.

  2. The bra force is strong on this one…

  3. They have been using Gallium in transistors for years. I was in school in 89-93 for electrical engineering and we used them back then.

  4. Where it is solidly encased and used in minuscule parts. They are talking about letting gallium in the wild! Let’s see some harsh environment testing like in military components on its own… not gonna be good.

  5. I realize that. Grapheme was next greatest thing, still waiting for some actual use, just like many if these next greatest thing. Things take too long to get to market, just find it annoying. Cheers!

  6. Yeah still waiting for enough graphene for that elevator to the moon! /s

  7. Will they finally start completing all the series they disgracefully cut short after 1 season? That would being viewers back

  8. For sure. I don’t get it. Costa Rica is awesome and actually has a government almost everyone would support. The only negative I had about their government is the roads suck. But that is it. Costa Rica is such a chill place to call home.

  9. Asphalt is expensive they don’t have oil so it is all imported

  10. As for solution: matching tiles is an easy one of find an accent tile of a single contrasting color and make it a focal point to separate the range and the hood. Gotta complement the colors in the rest of the kitchen.

  11. Replace stove with one with controls on the front (so you can get rid of that hump) match the tile to your new stove/ range hood because you will need one anyways.

  12. I am doing my part I am quitting exercise to save the environment from my energy expenditure emissions

  13. So we can finally get phones with 3d screens?????

  14. I have been pepper sprayed, it is NOT FUN.

  15. Sure, with a fuckin huge spool of rope on my back attached to the entrance maybe

  16. With AI being notoriously easy to become racist and pick up bad influences how is this even legal? There are no reliable metrics for it, it’s in the same category as a lie detector test and those are inadmissible in court.

  17. US Airsoft players getting reactive armor by Xmas from those leftover tanks…

  18. Is it true he was cast because he could handle the massive sword easily?

  19. You don't understand, that money will eventually make its way down to use commoners. I might have to sell my couch to make ends meet to a stripper who was paid for lapdances by a business owner out celebrating his economic windfall. From business owner to stripper to me, that's trickle down economics.


  21. It wasn't even phrased with a positive spin, and people still ate it up. "Here peasants. Enjoy some of my trickle. Don't spend it all in one place! Unless I own that place."

  22. Hey Snoop Dogg buy this instead of Twitter?!?

  23. Because by your argument, no company would do anything to a decent standard. Why make something high quality when you can make something low quality for less money? Why provide a good service when it’s cheaper to provide a bad service?

  24. You mean like all the funny brand names on Amazon that sell everything but don’t back them up at all?

  25. Finally! This has always been a serious contender for high-speed marine transport. Electric is even cooler.

  26. Until you hit rough seas. It’s like investing in ice skates just because it snows. Not everything is gonna be glass smooth icy surfaces.

  27. Ground effect extends up to the width of the wingspan, so it could climb above swell height without a large gain in induced (product of lift) drag.

  28. Slinkies don’t do that anymore because we changed the height of the steps in stairs from the time they were manufactured to do this.

  29. As long as there is friction from air and from contact with other surfaces no perpetual motion machine will ever exist. Why are we still debating this? Because it is easier to enjoy the ignorance of being surprise than the effort it takes to fully understand it?

  30. Is Tom Cruise becoming more like Buzz LightYear as he ages?

  31. To no one’s surprise Twitter is full of bots, same goes for most social media outlets.

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