Manchester City [2] - 1 Dortmund - Erling Haaland 83'

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  1. Shit, is India the new, South Africa??

  2. Adjust the sound in the accessibility settings. That's how they sound even better

  3. Novak is gonna win Paris again isn't he?

  4. He is winning this and atp finals in his sleep. Only man to stop him was zverev. So he is clear favorite

  5. Yeah I fully agree with you tbh. Can’t see any of these kids beating Novak here or Turin.

  6. If he's found guilty, lock him up and throw away the key. No objections.

  7. You know, one thing still doesn't seem to add up. If Kang is so almighty and powerful, and has the ability to send Scott & co back to the real world, doesn't this beg the question why does he need Scott's help? Surely he can do whatever needs doing, by himself?

  8. Looking much more settled and professional. Finally gotten over not getting his summer move and focussing on the job at hand.

  9. Keep replacing them, I've gone there five times.

  10. Outside of warranty? How did you manage that?

  11. Are Jesus and Haaland likely to rise between GW12 and 13?

  12. I am going to resort to a pressure washer, I think.

  13. Not sure if you’re serious or not! Have you tried it?

  14. Thanks! Will try this for sure!

  15. Even 30 feels risky with Patta tees to be honest!

  16. No way is J Ramsey really on 3 BP?

  17. I would wait until your APP1 die to be honest. I've had mine for a year and just had them replaced under warranty due to crackling. They're guaranteed for another 90 days and i'm hoping they last 1 more year before I think about getting a set of APP2s.

  18. This country is so FUBAR. What goes through the minds of these little shits carrying knives thinking they're all big and brave.

  19. No. The applecare plan is attached to those replacement buds now. You will not be able to add it on. I’m

  20. So if they go wrong after 90 days, I’m screwed?

  21. Yes. The two year warranty applies to the product you bought. Two years after, that warranty is expired. You cannot extend warranty after that happened.

  22. but my warranty hasn't expired (yet, tomorrow), and they replaced my buds so surely should be coverable?

  23. I took mine in yesterday and they replaced them with APP1s (made in vietnam, my ogs were made in china sept 2020)

  24. Haaland is gonna break win the golden boot by. a country fucking mile. For the next 10 years straight.

  25. LOL I'm not worried about the yanks Gary. It's the Saudis, Qataris and Emiratis that concern me.

  26. Last time I checked GB in-store replacement is same hour, actually they just need to run a few diagnostics to confirm you got genuine buds and a sound test to confirm the issue. 10 minutes tops. AASPs will have to send them upstream no matter what.

  27. Great thanks for explaining, GB appointment booked for this Sunday, 2 days before my support runs out!

  28. I had the same issue, the Genius Bar appointment took 15 min and I left with 2 new airpods pro (you keep the same case)

  29. Thanks, I've made an appointment for this Sunday 9/18, which is actually 2 days before my support runs out!

  30. Has this cun't never heard of soccer aid?

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