Kim Jong-Un Unveils His New ICBM!

When you follow your heart, love is the answer

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  1. Anything by The Locust. Check out plague soundscapes

  2. Animal farm is anti-leftist propaganda for children

  3. So one night me and the boys had a batch of blue molly (likely just crushed up E pills) we would snort off the edge of the pool table for convenience.

  4. I also smoked cat litter thinking it was crack rock

  5. Steven Seagal looks a lot different nowadays

  6. Steven Seagal looks a lot different nowadays

  7. Underrated. It gets a bad rap and I don't think it's well deserved

  8. I am certain my partner placed a love spell on me when we first met, and as of late (a year and a half later) things have been rocky. I feel trapped in a sense, but I also care a great deal about her. We live together and there are many good times along with the bad of course... But what steps should I take? not sure if I should try some type of spell to sever the binding that has been in place so I can think more clearly about the situation without this outside presence influencing my decision making... I truly do want things to work out so I'm not sure if doing something like this would push things to an irreparable level

  9. What don't you trust about yourself? That is why you can not trust another.

  10. This is surely something I will have to reflect on and maybe it is a lot simpler than I'm making it out to be. I just feel like I can't fully tap into my own premonitions about this without her energy tapping into my thoughts. I know this is probably the same as many other situations in magick.... That this spell on me only has as much power as I'm giving it. It's just hard to tell where these outside energies end and my own begin.

  11. Years ago I went to a Streetlight Manifesto show and I lit up a joint front and center of the stage while the openers were finishing up. Streetlight came on and everyone went nuts and started a pit around me, but a bunch of good samaritans locked hands and formed a ring around me to stop me from getting trampled or skanked in the face.

  12. Damn, bringing me back to highschool over here.... Streetlight say starland ballroom HANDS DOWN best show I’ve ever been too. Def their best album

  13. Mannequin pussy fuck yeah, I was hoping to see that on here

  14. Call me insensitive, but I don’t really get why people get so devastated over celebrity deaths. It sucks and all and yeah it’s okay to be kinda bummed about but I will just never understand when people are completely torn apart by the death of someone they’ve never met. Maybe I’ve just lost so many people in my own life that I’m biased, but I don’t see how a stranger who’s art (or whatever) has impacted you is even remotely comparable to losing a loved one.

  15. Out of interest did reddit just rat on someone?

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