Weakest "woke" military

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  1. The OOP only has liability (his words), and you all know damn well the Nissan has zero insurance. So rip OOP.

  2. Must be a bot. I saw this exact text on a comment on another post.

  3. March mobilization is coming soon, gotta crank up the anti US propaganda for distraction.

  4. Their quality lies in their numbers, not their competence ...

  5. Airburst round don’t care how many sweaty dudes that you have in your squad.

  6. automakers shouldnt advertise these feautures if they dont work

  7. They work at slow enough speed (below 30mph usually). They would have mangled the other car’s rear and their front if emergency brake didn’t kick in. Plus this car has stupid shitty body kit which further hinder the capability of the auto brake.

  8. German tank are complex , they are top of the line but that could be it downfall , if u take out one of the aiming camera or lazer it can not guild missile and aim.with limited gear u can not fix it in time, or even know how to fix it . If u get to them first ,a quick and cheap rpg will cut the tank off for good

  9. Yeah bro, the Ukrainians totally gonna be borderline retard to drive this extremely useful tank in combined arms on its own into the middle of the field to get sniped by some random dude with RPG. Oh wait, I got the wrong script, that was for average T-90 🤮.

  10. Yeah, but still 5th gen because Cobra maneuver!!

  11. The Cobra maneuver is master gamer move. You can both end your suffering and cost your shitty team dearly at the same time. Truly revolutionary!

  12. Get them trained and ready, save valuable time latter when the Leopard 2 does show up --

  13. You know this whole thing me irritates me when they keep saying that Ukrainians can’t handle logistics and training of modern Western MBT. Like uhmmm yeah they would have, if we hadn’t been appeasing Putin weak threats, and should have started the process half a year ago.

  14. Do they say that about western tanks in general? I've only heard about the US Abrams being a problem for the Ukrainians, which makes sense from what I read.

  15. The current impression that everyone has is that the Western MBT will be Leopard 2 and Abrams. I know we have other last gen MBT like Leo 1 or the M60, but we probably don’t service parts for those anymore hence no discussion at all. Don’t quote on that tho.

  16. Guess what can happen when you're within the range of an ongoing firefight? lol

  17. The Leopard keeper is being a party pooper tho.

  18. The whole point of commuter lanes is to encourage people to carpool to reduce the number of cars on the highway. Your fetus is never traveling separately in another car...

  19. Look at this doofus thinking Republicans use their brains and shit lmao.

  20. It's funny too. Us "running out" of weapons to ship just means we send them better shit

  21. Mf be so confused when F-18 start dominating Moscow’s sky. “But the US ran out of X to send”

  22. Some manchild: I'm on a NATO assassination list because I don't understand how IP addresses work.

  23. Well tbh, if NATO know who are, it’s either very good or very bad (for you).

  24. Welcome to developing countries sweatshop! Where OSHA is imaginary.

  25. “Hes the most generous billionaire in the world. SBF: I wanna donate all my money away” 😂😂😂😂

  26. Something something Toyota Corolla billionaire.

  27. He probably never gets out of his suburban basement and when he did and saw a member of a minority had a meltdown.

  28. You probably described precisely the moment send him to make those shitty memes

  29. They just need to find you. People are on here acting like prison isn't a thing.

  30. Yeah, this question is clearly written by a cryptobro who is in denial about his 95% loss last year.

  31. It’s China. The state see disability as a social construct.

  32. Wow, we use the same joke since 1990s huh. Get better material.

  33. Far right and domestic violence? Iconic duo

  34. Nothing like Elons commitment to free speech

  35. Just like his commitment to Full Self Driving, which will come out next year, any year now.

  36. Imagine having all the money in the world and this is what you do with your time.

  37. He told the media that he works 120hrs a week. I reckon at least 110 hrs go to lording Twitter, 8 to shagging his employees and 2 to “managing” 5 companies.

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