Police: Man killed himself after ramming US Capitol barrier

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  1. As an American, it really sucks knowing how superior Europe is across every measurement.

  2. What if they’ve just been letting their hair grow out for thousands of years?

  3. There was also that time when he ate the wrong kind of mustard on a hot dog. That was the end of the world.

  4. Remember when his wife wore a dress that showed her upper arms? Scandal.

  5. Never seen a bird do that before. Flew right into your head. Like he couldn’t avoid it.

  6. Is that not good? Is there something about freight trains that wouldn’t make them ok at pulling passengers? Honestly don’t know.

  7. RIP. Spielman’s has been my shop for like 10 years. Everyone go buy their bagels and show them some love.

  8. Apprehensively waiting for the Werner Herzog narration to start…

  9. Zoom in on the collar. Looks like it’s been blacked out. Draw your own conclusions…

  10. Best player on the worst team. I’ll wipe my tears with my $40 million

  11. We have laws to regulate cars and weapons, and hold people accountable if they misuse them.

  12. TIL there’s a mini Statue of Liberty there…

  13. Wait till you find out where the American one comes from...

  14. Yup. I knew that, I just didn’t know they made and kept a smaller one for themselves. Kinda cool.

  15. They removed the historical warehouse. And the new buildings absolutely tower over the original character of the neighborhood.

  16. Look the buildings are so high they’re even blotting the sun!

  17. “Objects in mirror closer than they appear”

  18. Yeah the cost is insane. Forget for a minute that you’re following an existing right of way, theoretically, you have to build secondary bridging and crossings, not to mention any additional land acquisition through populated areas. If the route follows along any hills or terrain, there’s additional grading work. There’s really not much cost savings with this approach.

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