1. Reagan wasted $30 billion on star wars defence What replaced it? First Strike. The US spent $5 trillion that enabled them to finish Russia + China and launch in 20mins. No other nation can do that. Putin "Russia's retaliatory strike is limited". Any sign of intent - US strikes first.

  2. Show me your friends and I will show you your future. North Korussia 🤡

  3. Haha lustig, jetzt schön den ersten Link von Mietrecht lesen uuuund....

  4. Du meinst den Schadensersatz? Das ist implizit, entsteht Schden dadurch, muss er ersetzt werden. OP redet aber von "illegal" was es aufgrund des Hausrechts nicht ist.

  5. Doch das nennt man illegal wenn man auf Schadenersatz verklagt werden kann weil man sich unberechtigt an anderer Leute Eigentum vergeht.

  6. uhum, 'interesting'. I wonder if they noticed that gas ttf is <60,- currently

  7. Primarily, make sure that you are liquid for at least three month on your own. 10k€ in the back would make a good start, but I'd even hold a 30% buffer, just to be safe. As soon as achieved, don't hesitate and dive in, before arguments against will overwhelm

  8. crap bs, either short or long, brilliant.. fck newsweek

  9. I don't know why it's even permitted as a source in this sub. Written by teenagers.

  10. I'd prefer that Get 2 Pay 3 punches in the face offer for $4500

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